Michael Kollner leaves his future in TSV 1860 open – Athlete

You know it well enough from the guys, but with a coach, it’s another thing again, climbing the fence at the fans block. And will Michael Kollner put himself at risk of injury, celebrate with fans and shout things at them over the megaphone that fans would like to hear if he never saw any future at TSV 1860 Munich?

Many questions have already been answered after 6:3 (2:2) against the second Borussia Dortmund, the Löwen match that scored the most goals of the season, and in the minutes after the end of the season he finished fourth, that is, no promotion, why not feel bad Absolutely, on the contrary. “We wanted to create Giesinger Pokal Nights,” Kollner said with the goal of qualifying for the DFB Cup. In the first half, when the score was 2-2, the Lions briefly lost this consolation prize to Waldhof Mannheim. Another important question already answered after 21 minutes, whether Marcel Barr will become the only scorer. How: He made it 2-0 with a shot and widely celebrated his 20th goal of the season. He also added three assists and another goal (to make it 4:2, 59) and was greeted with thunderous applause seconds before the end. “It was Marcel Barr’s show,” the coach enthused. Like any other player, Barr represented a successful second half of the season, with the 1960s scoring 11 more points and 11 more goals than in the first half of the season. Bar scored 15 out of 21 during that period.

It turned out to be a happy Saturday. But not all questions were answered.

“Next year, we’ll see we’re, well, if you stay here, we’ll go higher,” says Kollner.

When Colner came down the fence, he ran an empty beer bottle in his hands for several minutes and spoke frankly rarely. “Next year we’ll see we, Hm yes, if I stay here, then I’ll go up” – although there will be an estimated eight candidates for promotion next season, he said. But why don’t we just say he will stay? “no!” “It’s not possible yet,” Kollner cried. He gave the club a “clear idea” of how they wanted to position themselves and emphasized several times that this idea needed no more money than before: “I don’t want to suck up the club!”

“We wanted to create the Giesinger Pokal Nights”: coach Michael Kollner speaking to the fans.

(Photo: Ulrich Wagner / Imago)

On the other hand, Kollner also analyzed that Sixty has “played with a team that has been very weak this season” – which is about money after all. The next day, President Robert Reisinger wished for clarification from Kollner when asked by SZ. “We’re almost back to budget this season and it’s better than it was when he signed the contract,” said Reisinger. “So I suppose the coach will stay.”

It is clear that Kollner is concerned not only with how big the budget is, but also with how sporting director Gunter Gorenzel spends the money. He stressed that there were no officially confirmed pledges, and that he could not impose a fait accompli “on the basis of any assumptions”. Especially since three of the top performers – Richard Neudecker, Merville Biancady and Dennis Dressel – weren’t officially certified on Saturday. The club will not announce whether rumored candidates such as Tim Ryder, Albion Frenese or Moritz Leitner will actually reach the age of 60 until their futures are certain. Kollner then said he had the impression that “Sten Munich don’t necessarily want to start the season without me”.

“We played matches with a young half on the bench,” says the team’s top scorer, Marcel Barr.

In his call to form a larger team, Kollner also received support from players who would remain. “We played half of the youth first team on the bench,” said Marcel Barr. Well, nothing against young A! She then showed the cheering pros late on Saturday afternoon on the club’s grounds their 4-0 win over FC Memmingen how to return to the Bundesliga.

“It was a great ending,” Stefan Salger said of his last match sixty years ago. “I will always look back at the good moments.” The outgoing defense minister still has some final and important explanatory action against Dortmund. When Salger was asked what the coach had said after a 2-0 lead and the visiting team tied in the dressing room, it became clear how open things were that day: “Honestly, it felt like my last professional game, he can say a little bit of what he wants.”

There were tears, too. One official or the other official could see that a great deal of tension was going down. And that’s even though the ascent wasn’t successful this time either. However, today had something indulgent. “It’s heavy. It’s hard to get,” Barr said, smiling with a scorer in his hands. He predicted: “This club will play in the second division in the near future.” Some players do not need to be replaced at all, it is enough if their self-confidence increases.

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