NRW elections 2022 live: confrontation imminent

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Election of a new government in North Rhine-Westphalia. The SPD and the CDU are roughly level in the opinion polls. NRW elections in live tape.

  • NRW State elections 2022: On Sunday (15 May), 13 million eligible voters in North Rhine-Westphalia will decide their new state government.
  • Prime Minister Hendrik Fust (CDU) wants to stay in office, and his challenger is SPD candidate Thomas Kochati.
  • Possible alliances in NRW State: Opinion polls see four alliances in the future.
  • This is amazing News ticker for state elections in NRW On Sunday, May 15, it will be constantly updated.

Update May 15th at 12:45 PM: NRW Elections 2022: How do eligible voters participate in different cities? According to dpa, about 30 percent of them were at the polling station in Bielefeld by 9am. WDR Reports. In Essen, this value was 25 percent (as of 12 noon). In Cologne it was 22% at the time.

Update from May 15, 12:03 PMMona Neubauer, North Rhine-Westphalia’s top Green Party candidate, has already cast her ballot in this election on Sunday, out loud. the focus At a polling station in Dusseldorf. Your party can, according to polls (see previous update) With 16 to 18 percent likely to have their best state election so far in New South Wales.

NRW Election 2022 Live: Latest polls before the vote

Update from May 15, 11:20 a.m.: Who Rules After NRW’s “Small Federal Election”? It is also exciting because, according to the latest surveys, there are many options. The German News Agency (dpa) summarized it as follows in Sunday’s elections:

  • The great alliance between CDU and SPD
  • black green
  • Jamaica Alliance (CDU, Greens and FDP)
  • Traffic Lights Alliance (SPD, Greens, FDP)

In some polls, it was not enough for the majority of reds and greens. NRW Wüst Chief Minister (CDU) would like to continue ruling with the FDP. NRW-SPD President Kuschaty was supported in the election campaign by Chancellor Olaf Schultz, and the two were shown together on the posters.

Opinion polls recently pointed to a slim victory for the CDU, which saw 30 to 32 percent. SPD was located at 28 to 29 percent. The Greens could move to the NRW state parliament as the third-strongest force with 16 to 18 percent. The FDP and AfD were seen at six to eight percent.

NRW Election 2022 live: Top candidates Wüst and Kuschaty cast their votes

Update from May 15th, 11:10 a.m.: The CDU’s top candidate, West, has already cast his vote in the 2022 NRW election. He went to a polling station in Reddy. like Kuchaty (see previous update) With him was his wife, as well as his daughter Philippa. Can’t see her in the picture but she’s lying in the stroller:

Voting with Philippa’s daughter: Hendrik West at a polling station in Rede © Guido Kirchner / dpa

Update from May 15, 10:47 a.m.: Kochati, the SPD’s top candidate, cast his vote at a school in Essen that he once attended. The politician tweeted a picture of himself and his wife from the polling station there, thanking the poll workers and also writing: “I’m feeling good today.”

Update May 15 at 10:12 AMThe hashtag #nrwwahl2022 is of course in vogue this Sunday, and the city of Cologne is using it too. She is really happy – see previous update – about the turnout and encourages in a tweet, everyone who hasn’t gone to the polling station yet: “You still have until 6pm..”

Update May 15th at 9:34 am: In the most populous city of North Rhine-Westphalia, interest in state elections appears to be greater than last time: as of 9 a.m., turnout at polling stations was already well at 4.5 percent, thus higher than in 2017 in same time. It helps Cologne city newspaper Online.

NRW Election 2022: “Today it’s true” Wüst wrote on Twitter

Update May 15th at 9:04 am: Leading candidates Wüst and Kuchaty are already on Twitter on election day. While the former resumed (“Today is true”), the latter merely retweeted an NRW-SPD election site.

Update May 15 at 8:48 am: Catherine Goering Eckhardt (Greens) Early Sunday – or she planned to tweet: “I think the NRW state needs more women in power. You can vote for today,” the Vice-President of the Bundestag wrote, announcing a female party member And one of the best candidates in North Rhine-Westphalia, Mona Neubauer.

NRW elections 2022 live: Wüst and Kuchaty cast their votes here

Update from May 15, 8:35 a.m.: Here is the timeline for the NRW election: CDU’s top candidate Wüst wants to cast his vote in his hometown of Rhede, Münsterland in the morning, while SPD rival Thomas Kutschaty votes in his hometown of Essen.

Faust had replaced Armin Laschet as prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia just six months ago after failing as a candidate for union chancellor in the 2021 federal election.

Update from May 15 at 8:00 AM: The go-ahead has been given: In the NRW election, eligible voters have been able to cast their ballots at the polling station since 8 a.m. this Sunday. That’s more than 13 million people.

What do polls say ahead of “small federal elections” in the most populous federal state? A black-yellow coalition has ruled Düsseldorf since the 2017 state election, and it shouldn’t be enough to last. Alternatively, a Jamaica coalition, a traffic lights coalition, or a black and green government could come about. It can be enough for an alliance between red and green.

NRW elections 2022: A man casts his vote at the ballot box at a sports hall in Cologne.
The first to vote in an NRW election at a polling station, like here in Cologne. © Marius Becker / D

NRW elections 2022 in the news ticker: According to polls, Wüst is thin ahead

first report: Düsseldorf/Munich – More than 13 million citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia can go to the polls in the state elections in NRW 2022 on Sunday. This is the third of four elections scheduled for this year.

In the most populous federal state, there is a tight race between the ruling CDU and the SPD, with the latest NRW election polls showing the current CDU premier, Hendrik West, by two to four percentage points. The challenger is Tomas Kochati, the top candidate of the Social Democratic Party.

NRW state election 2022: Wüst wants to remain Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

A coalition of the CDU and the Freedom and Justice Party interact in the Dusseldorf state parliament for five years with a slim majority of only one seat. After the 2017 state elections, Armin Laschet and the CDU replaced SPD Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft, whose union government had the worst result since 1947.

When Laschet moved to the Bundestag in October after his unsuccessful nomination for chancellor, then-Minister of Transport West took over as Prime Minister.

NRW elections 2022: Wüst and Kuchaty want to be prime ministers

The head of the opposition is Thomas Kochati, the rival of the Social Democratic Party in Wüst. The Green Party has 14 deputies in the state parliament, while the Alternative for Germany party has 13 seats. The left recently failed the five percent barrier and is not represented in the state parliament. Current NRW polls predict that you will fail at the five percent barrier.

It is doubtful whether the position’s reward for current Prime Minister Wüst to the CDU is questionable: he took over the position only from Armin Laschet in October 2021. The SPD relies on opposition leader Kuchati, who headed the Ministry of Justice under former Prime Minister Hannelore Craft. The main candidate, Mona Neubauer, is running for the Green Party. The FDP also wants to govern the state’s 18th parliament with current state president and deputy prime minister Joachim Stamp. The AfD appears with the leader of its parliamentary group, Markus Wagner.

NRW Elections Live: Up to Five Possible Coalitions Can Be Conceived

According to recent polls, it will not be enough for the Black and Yellow alliance to last. In any case, after the elections, a Jamaica coalition consisting of the CDU, the Green Party and the FDP, a traffic light alliance led by the SPD with the Greens and the FDP or a large coalition of Christian Democrats and Socialists should be possible. But that may also be enough for bipartisan alliances between the CDU or the SPD and the Greens. All news related to NRW’s coalition talks can be found here.

If the CDU were to be voted out of office in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Union parties would have only five out of 16 prime ministers, while the SPD would lead a total of nine state governments in North Rhine-Westphalia with one head of government.

After bitter defeat in last year’s federal elections and state elections in Saarland, a defeat in the most populous federal state would threaten the CDU to lose more importance and less say in the Bundesrat. On the other hand, the clear electoral victory of Prime Minister Daniel Gunther (CDU) in Schleswig-Holstein last Sunday may lead to a rebound. (smu / AFP)

The first predictions and predictions for Sunday’s New South Wales state election can be found here.

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