On vacation with an e-car: not easy, but possible

More and more travelers are now taking their electric cars on vacation, for example to Italy. However, this requires appropriate models, proper infrastructure, and sometimes patience.

Good travel planning required

Preparing for a holiday is always important; But if you are traveling with an electric car, you should definitely think carefully, especially regarding the itinerary, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This requires an updated overview of the charging stations beforehand. Existing charge cards are available on relevant websites and apps. Depending on the holiday country you want to go to, it may be helpful to pre-register for overseas shipping.

ADAC considers fast charging stations essential

According to the ADAC, fast charging stations are essential for long trips. You can’t take a trip with simple charging stations, they’re designed for on-site charging, that is, at your accommodation or vacation, according to Automobile Club electric vehicle expert Matthias Vogt. As the name suggests, recharging is much faster at fast charging stations. On average, cars fill up in half an hour to an hour, while it can take hours with regular charging points. This should put the patience of vacationers to the test. There is now a growing network of express charging stations on Germany’s motorways. However, you should be prepared for longer periods on long trips with an electric car.

Charging infrastructure is still inadequate in many places

If you want to go on vacation in this country, in France or the Netherlands, or in Sweden and Spain, you will have no problem finding a charging station. For example, VW reports that 70 percent of all charging stations are located in these five countries.

The Witzgall family from Munich drives an expensive electric car, the manufacturer of which also has its own charging network. The family was also in northern Italy with their car. Rainer Witzgall notes that it is located about 330 kilometers from Lake Garda to Munich. You can do this without charging. If you take luggage, the car needs more. That’s why he charged it once in Trento for ten minutes at a fast charging station.

In other countries, on the other hand, things still look pretty bad. According to goelectric.de, there are only 1,500 charging points at 533 publicly accessible locations in the popular holiday destination in Croatia. Bavaria alone has three times as many locations as more than 10,000 charging points, according to data from the Federal Network Agency. In principle, you can travel to all countries with electricity, but the question of course arises about how well developed the general charging infrastructure is, says ADAC expert Vogt, adding that the further south or east you go, the thinner it is. It will.

Cross with charging stations

However, a relatively large number of charging stations in the holiday destination does not mean that you no longer have to worry at all. Because it is still possible that the charging station is currently occupied. Now there are more and more charging stations in this country, but the number of corresponding cars is also steadily increasing. The auto industry has been calling for a faster expansion of the charging infrastructure for a long time. Additionally, the charging station is not said to work or accept various charging cards, credit cards, or apps.

Paying can be a test of patience in some areas

When planning an electric car holiday trip, it is imperative that you consider how you will pay for electricity on site. Many companies such as energy suppliers offer recharge cards that are also valid in neighboring countries. According to Vogt, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and the Benelux countries are usually combined into these roaming networks. This works very well. On the other hand, things are getting more and more difficult in other countries. You may then have to download the app from the local operator of the charging station or scan certain QR codes – that may not work either. Of course, this can spoil the enjoyment of the holiday. Electricity at public charging stations is usually more expensive than at home, and significantly.

Long distance vehicle required

If you are considering an electric car holiday, you should travel with a suitable vehicle. Many models with smaller batteries are designed as a second car, for commuting to work or primarily for city traffic. It is somewhat unsuitable for long trips. Experts recommend a range of at least 300 km for the car. There must also be a way to quickly recharge the car. Some car manufacturers usually mention ranges of 500 km and more for their larger models, but the actual ranges are usually lower, especially if the car is on the highway and fully loaded.

Bottom line: Time, patience and the right vehicle are essential

If you want to go on vacation with an electric car, you need time, on the one hand to plan the route, for the journey with long stops, patience and strong nerves if something is not going well and ultimately a suitable car. In any case, the Witzgall family is not deterred by all obstacles. Enjoy this new way of traveling, comfortable and quiet driving without engine noise. She says you are also more aware of the trip, because you have to stop often.

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