Resort’s last TV camera: Weinzierl exits with Reuter

Updated on 05/15/2022 at 10:58 AM

  • Markus Weinzerl leaves Augsburg.
  • The coach announced this after his team’s last match in Augsburg against Grother Fürth in front of the cameras.
  • Winzierl hits unsuspecting director Stefan Reuter with a completely sudden bang.

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The grumbled Marcus Wenzierl chose the TV camera as a last resort. Just minutes after the final whistle, the FC Augsburg coach single-handedly announced his departure and sent off the unsuspecting coach Stefan Reuter. With a totally sudden blowout, Winzierl reveals the broken relationship with the 1990 world champion and runs away.

“I really wanted to stay here longer,” Winzierl said after the 2-1 (1-1) win over SpVgg Greuther Fürth on Saturday. “For me it was the right decision not to have any more conversations.”

The coach, who returned to his heart club in April 2021, only had one contract until the end of June. The extension was in fact considered a formality, Reuter explained, and talks should not take place until next week.

Weinzierl talks about a long reversal process

Weinzerl said it would be a “clear sign” if there were no talks before the final day of the game. “Many reasons” would have been decisive in the end for your farewell. After a month-long process, the decision was made only the day before the last match. “It’s a tough ending for me personally, but I’m going home proud,” Weinzerl said.

Before kick-off, he wandered through the grass in an almost melancholy manner, absorbing the impressions from the field. After the final whistle, the 47-year-old gathered his team around him and informed them of his transfer.

Reuter was left outside and exposed. “No, but he’s going to notice now,” Weinzerl responded on SkyTV when asked if he had told the manager. “It was a huge surprise to me,” Reuter admitted, annoyed and giddy. Did the relationship break up? “I didn’t feel like it,” he said. In times when media statements are carefully planned, Weinzierl has chosen the maximum level of escalation.

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2016 fight memories

It actually broke between Weinzierl and Reuter in 2016. Straubinger then moved to FC Schalke 04 after four successful years together, including a round in the Europa League. Reuter complained that Weinzerl had not reported his departure as clearly in advance as he had claimed. The coach saw it differently.

When Weinzierl returned in 2021, the dispute was considered settled. He replaced coach Heiko Herlich and remains in the Bundesliga with FC Augsburg. The goal of remaining in the league this season was also achieved. But Reuter expected more. “I think the team is really good, and we could have had a better season,” said the 55-year-old, lamenting the lack of development. On the other hand, Weinzerl didn’t think the team was superior and seemed to downplay the relegation.

With the surprise announcement on Friday that club president Klaus Hoffmann had resigned due to health reasons, he also lost a lawyer. “It’s a pillar that broke off,” Winzierl admitted. Since he also clearly lacks Reuters’ discretion, he sees no basis for the future. “It wasn’t planned that way,” Winzierl said of his blitzkrieg, while his players were still partying with their families in front of the curves of fans. “My heart hurts too.”

What happens to Reuters?

Talk and silence – that was again the sticking point in Augsburg. Reuter noted that he agreed to a clear schedule of contract talks with his coach. “I will not avoid him, but his decision is acceptable,” said the coach.

There is no timetable for finding a coach. “We will sit down and find the right coach for FC Augsburg,” confirmed Reuter, who is the only strongman left at the club after the departures of Hoffmann and Weinzerl.

At the same time, criticism of Reuter is growing. The half-lives of the last three coaches, Weinzerl, Herlich and Martin Schmidt were only about one year old each. And according to “Sport Bild”, Borussia Dortmund’s second coach, Enrico Masen, may become his successor. When asked if he will remain with FC Augsburg next season, Reuter replied: “You can assume that.” (dpa/martin moravik/ska)
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