Sweet Heart Stories with Christian Lindner

FYou often have to make special sacrifices for the sake of your career. Christian Lindner, who reportedly wanted to marry his fiancée, TV journalist Franca Lehfeldt, in Tuscany this summer, needs to know. Now the festival has been canceled because, how colorful It states that “personal protection in Italy would have been very difficult and very expensive.” Now the spouses must be satisfied with the localities and plan cheaper and more realistically, which in the case of Lindner means: a wedding on Sylt.

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday.

The crowd of revelers will be gleaming: “Among others, Chancellor Olaf Schulz (63, SPD) and former CDU leader Armin Laschet (61) agreed – no one from the Greens was invited, picture. He has other information colorfulNames such as Chancellor Olaf Schulz, Robert Habeck, Annalina Barbock, Friedrich Merz and Armin Laschet should appear on the guest list. For Barbock and Habeck, it’s dumb now: Should they keep the July date for free and get a gift or not? Hopefully, Lindner will certainly invite the Federal President, too, so that no one will be offended again. It would also make sense to consider Christine Lambrecht, who is often in Sylt anyway and would be able to organize her arrival. and her son. After all, Germany’s freedom is also defended in the North Sea.

cup for camila

As far as savings is concerned, Lindner can learn about it from Duchess Camilla New Publication He writes: “In a second-hand shop, I just bought a silver Queen Jubilee mug for 1.80 euros.” This sounds very frugal – actually. On closer examination, of course, it points to renewed feuds in the royal family: Is Camilla’s relationship with the Queen so bad that she wouldn’t even get a rusty trophy from her? In the end, taxpayers pay €1.80 again, which would be especially annoying if there were still 75,000 of these things in the basement of the palace.

He hasn’t heard anything good from Prince William either, who, according to a tell-all book, tends to get angry – and how at He writes, from an early age: “When he was four, he had a bad habit of yelling to his nanny, Barbara Barnes, ‘No one will tell me what to do!'” When I am king, I will punish you. Thrown into the dungeon.

Like a mango: Letizia (left) and Ancolada Vivas Tison

Like a mango: Letizia (left) and Ancolada Vivas Tison

Photo: dpa

Inmaculada Vivas Tesón should be excused from this fate, even though the law professor was involved in something that years ago would have been considered a false blunder: “That was a funny bug!” , as he happily says Women’s WeekVivas Tyson wore the same dress that was honored by Queen Letizia. It did not lead to imprisonment either – the lawyer would know how to defend herself there – but to great laughter. By the way, said the dress of Laut colorful From the Mango series it costs 59.99 euros, which brings praise from the Queen: look how she lives a modest life. With Vivas Tesón, on the other hand, one might worry that being a professor of law in Spain would earn so little money that one would have nothing better to wear even when meeting the Queen.

Get serious

Sofia Tomala has “not been as revealing as she used to be” since she was in a relationship with tennis player Alexander Zverev woman in the mirror Firmly and seeing herself as emphasizing: “As the wife of a player you have your obligations,” Sophia Thomala explains her change of style. “There shouldn’t be many people who see entering the players’ wives circle as raising the bar for the serious side.

The basis of the poetic title of new paper About Andrea Kewell – “Your crisis has been solved with a million kisses” – delivered by the coordinator herself, who finally reunited with her friend who lives in Israel after a long separation: “I was exhausted from patience and being alone until it all ended with tears of relief and millions of kisses dissipated.” So many tears and kisses. The reunion must have been a wet affair. But wouldn’t it be nice if other crises were resolved in the same way? As far as controversies within the Traffic Light Coalition are concerned, Lindner’s wedding can be beneficial.

Made us think colorful Actress Lauren Hutton was quoted as saying she was “in a hurry to sleep, make love or read” at night. Good Book or Good Man: Shouldn’t you be in a completely different mood? One puts on the glasses and the other takes them off. You can’t even brush a book aside when you’re tired, and you can’t finish a book faster than you. And when you’re done with a book, you can easily move on to the next.

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