The 7th EUFEP Conference deals with the COVID-19 pandemic

EUFEP conference deals with the COVID-19 pandemic: 7th conference of the European Forum on Evidence-Based Prevention explores the field of tension between science and practice unlocked by COVID-19

The European Forum for Evidence-Based Prevention (EUFEP) will dedicate its 7th conference to “The COVID-19 pandemic – Tension between science and practice” on 1 June 2022 at Danubium Tulln. In the context of considering how the situation of the epidemic has been dealt with so far, it will be discussed, among other things, how the relationship between science and practice works, what processes of change have been initiated by the epidemic and how it can accompany and prevent.

The 7th EUFEP Conference, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, will be chaired by Member of the State Council and President of NÖGUS Dr. Martin Eichtinger opens. “Austria has stricter measures than most similar countries during the pandemic, yet we are not better off than other countries in terms of mortality and lower life expectancy. This should give us food for thought and require a scientific review of the decisions and measures taken during the pandemic in order to prepare adequately Better in the future”, says Head of the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine and Evaluation, University of Prof. Dr. Gerald Gartliner, MPH, who is leading the conference scientifically.
In terms of content, the conference will begin with two lectures that will provide an international and national perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic. Anna Patrick, BA (Master) MSc. DPhil. , University of Oxford, will take a critical look at the intergovernmental management of the epidemic. Dr. Jacob Moritz Eberl, BA and MA from the University of Vienna, will take a look at what is happening from the perspective of the Austrian population. In the subsequent panel discussion, Jacob Moritz Eberl, mag. Jerry Vojtek, Federal Rescue Commander of the Austrian Red Cross, Dorothy von Leer, Medical University of Innsbruck, and Professor at the University. Eva Schernhammer, MD, DrPH, MPH, MSc, Medical University of Vienna, takes on lessons learned from the last two years of the pandemic and discusses possible solutions.

An interdisciplinary viewpoint as well as learning and teaching
The afternoon session will be held by Univ.-Prof. Michael Bang Petersen, PhD from Aarhus University, will open up explaining the importance of good communication in times of COVID-19. Mag.a Dr. Karin Kastenhofer, Austrian Academy of Sciences, will take a transdisciplinary look at the epidemic with the opinions of world experts.

In his lecture, prof. Dr. Martin Tomasek, from the University of Zurich, explains the consequences of school closures on learning performance. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools and education as such, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber, University of Zug Education, for an in-depth analysis.

Work life changes and stress
Working conditions and work design during the COVID-19 pandemic are the focus of explanations provided by Dr Esther Rind, Ph.D., University Hospital Tübingen. How long-term work capacity and COVID are related, MD. Christina Limover, University Hospital Jena.

The closing session will be held by researchers from Krems University of Continuing Education. MMag.a Doctor at Andrea Jesser, Bakk will investigate the effects of the pandemic on the psyche and the university professor. Dr. Christoph Beh, Head of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, will speak about evidence-based prevention for young people with mental health issues.

Simultaneous interpretation (E/D) is available in the hall for all presentations. The conference fee is 50 euros including 20% ​​VAT.

Seventh EUFEP Conference
The COVID-19 pandemic – an area of ​​tension between science and practice

Deadline: June 1, 2022
Start: 9:00 AM
Location: Danubium Tulln

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