The Minister of Education calls on citizens to voluntarily wear masks after the holiday

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The Minister of Education calls on citizens to voluntarily wear masks after the holiday

Updated date: 04/19/2022, 06:00

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Education Minister Grant Hendrik Toney has criticized that the country has no room to respond to the possible deterioration in the Corona situation.

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Despite the fact that masks are no longer mandatory, schoolchildren must wear masks in class after the Easter holiday, according to Education Minister Ton.

In light of the deleted mask requirements In schools, Lower Saxony’s Education Minister Grant Hendrik Ton (SPD) has called on students and teachers to Easter holiday voluntarily, of your own free will One mask To wear it to protect from Corona. “The mask does no harm and protects you and others,” said Ton of Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Everyone was used to it. Masks are especially useful in the week immediately following the holidays.

The minister stressed, in principle, that it is good for students not to have to wear masks. “It was a very long period of restrictions, especially for them Primary school students. “That’s why he was with me before the Easter holidays mitigation Grant. However, Ton criticized the fact that the new Infection Protection Law no longer left the country any room to respond to a possible deterioration in the situation. “I think this is very short-sighted.” Lately masks have helped a lot in keeping schools open.

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Fewer violations on buses and trains

When required for several months Third generation rule on buses and trains There were relatively few violations recorded in Lower Saxony. On-demand transport company Ostra from Hannover said that about 2 percent of the examination Passengers You violated the 3G rule or mask requirements. Accordingly, about 100,000 passengers are screened for compliance with these rules every month. The third-generation rule, which states that passengers must be vaccinated against the Corona virus, recover from a corona infection or a negative result, no longer applies to buses and trains for several weeks. Masks should be inside buses And Tracks The wear continues.

Public utilities in Osnabrück have announced that violations of the 3G rule have been found in about 5 percent of the controls in the Osnabrück Transport Union region. railway company metronome No evaluation available. Feedback from passenger hosts showed that passengers mostly followed the rule. In case of violations, the current test is usually missing.

Pharmacists “Mute PCR”

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for the coronavirus were carried out in Lower Saxony pharmacies Still scarce despite the funding program. At the beginning of February, the state government announced that it would support pharmacies with the purchase of PCR test kits with 3 million euros – due to the possibility of subsidizing up to 3,000 euros per pharmacy, 1,000 pharmacies were able to benefit from the programme. In the state development bank, NBank, there is only so far 67 Orders Although the funding period expires at the end of March. This was announced by NBank.

Health Minister Daniela said that about 250 pharmacies out of 1,700 pharmacies in Lower Saxony have Burns (SPD) even before funding is provided via PCR testing machines. The program should be the bottleneck for Test capabilities opposite. The Chamber of Pharmacists classified it as a “sign of confidence” that pharmacies PCR tests performance and evaluation. However, each pharmacy manager decides for himself whether to offer this service in view of the low level of staffing.

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Corona situation in the region

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