Werder Bremen and HSV play for upgrade

WPlaces of appreciation in the direction of Hamburger SV, perhaps sympathy for the northern competitor? Not with Uli Werner. “I don’t think too much about it. We are trying to do our best and doing our part to be among the winners in this fight for promotion. That’s all I focus on”, said the Werder Bremen coach when asked if it would be good for the two traditional clubs to return to the Bundesliga . It’s hard to derive something beyond Werner’s core business anyway — it’s impossible these days.

The head coach at SV Werder is more focused and focused in guiding his pros before the end of the big season on Sunday (3.30pm on FAZ League Two live tape and on Sky). He’s noticed what happens when players and teams slack off a bit in that tight, sweet second division – everything was ready on Friday two weeks ago for the big step toward the Championship in the House, for promotion.

But then the Green-Whites lost 2-3 after taking a 2-0 lead against long-time Werner club Holstein Kiel. With Schalke, Darmstadt and HSV winning on the same day, Werder suddenly looked stupid. Underestimate the discount? of course no.

Rather fall victim to energy density – like Darmstadt a week later in Düsseldorf. Even when Bremen won 3-0 in the last round of the Premier League, the difficulties they face were clear to everyone.

As the favorites’ knees shake in this exciting climb-up race, every opponent can become a stumbling block. It is much easier to fight for a scheduling advantage than to maintain it in the crucial weeks.

The northern rival’s chances also do not play any role for Ole Werner because it is a long-distance duel with clear advantages for Bremen. The Greens and Whites need just one more point on Sunday at Weser Stadium against Jan Regensburg, then Werder would have fixed the incident in May 2021 and returned to the Senate just a year later – with plenty of first-class personnel.

Because with all the changes in the team, sporting director Frank Bowman trusted a group with a lot of experience in the Bundesliga. But it was Uli Werner who delivered a real performance from Bremen in November, not least because he realized that the 38-goal attack by Marvin Docksch and Niklas Volkrug was superbly coordinated.

While there is great confidence in Bremen and fans are assuming Werder will fulfill his final task of the season and advance to become the second club alongside FC Schalke 04, something is also growing in Hamburg.

The large number of followers is still somewhat suspicious; A lot of mistakes have happened in recent years. But since coach Tim Walter cheered everyone in and around the club with “we want to promote,” fans and officials gathered behind the coach and followed him.

For 32 matches, Walter only talked about not wanting to look at the table. Instead, he put the young team’s relatively cheap development in the lead – and their price tag setbacks. After a 0-1 draw in Kiel four weeks ago, no one wanted to hear it anymore.

The next second division season seemed to be booked, and the fifth. But four wins and extraordinary strength in dealing with fluttering nerves allowed HSV to jump into third – from where they want to do their best on Sunday at FC Hansa Rostock.

‘There is great anticipation’

And unlike usual, the fear of failure doesn’t seem to paralyze the legs this time around. “There is a high expectation that we still have a chance to score something on the last day of the match and maybe at least promotion or relegation,” says striker Robert Glatzel, who kept Hamburg’s hopes alive by scoring 21 goals.

But in the middle of the week, Ansi Sohonen broke his shin splint during training. The young Finn recently had an HSV midfield rolling in with speed, liveliness and playfulness, and by the way also represents Hamburg’s new way of giving young pros a serious shot.

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Anyway: A win in Rostock and HSV would play in the relegation against Hertha BSC, who are third from bottom in the Bundesliga, on Thursday and Monday. If Werder loses and Hamburg win, HSV may celebrate a direct promotion.

If both fail, the fourth-placed player from Darmstadt is included in the lottery. Lillen under coach Torsten Liberknecht finished fourth and must beat SC Paderborn – and hope the two northern clubs falter.

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