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As reported by ADAC, among other things, single ticket machines will be converted to a €9 ticket in the last week of May. © Martin Schutt / dpa

The €9 bus and train ticket should start at the beginning of June. Some cities have already announced advance sales for the month of May.

Berlin – Travel through Germany by bus and train – for €9 per month. For three months – from June 1 to August 31, 2022 – a ticket 9 euros is supposed to be a cheap alternative to a car. Consumers should be able to use the cheap monthly ticket until the end of the month and then have to buy a new ticket for the following month. Now the €9 ticket can start up front as early as May in order to ease the run on the cheap monthly ticket.

Transport companies in Germany want to make the 9 euro ticket as simple as possible. It should be available from vending machines, at counters, from employees on buses and trains and online via the app. And: It should be available for purchase by June at the latest. If you already have a subscription card for the respective traffic zone, you do not have to do anything, the price will be adjusted automatically.

€9 advance ticket: Federal cities and states start with monthly tickets in May

A number of German cities have already announced advance ticket sales for €9 in May. An overview of what is known about the cheap monthly ticket from the relief package and what is not.

  • Deutsche Bahn: The €9 ticket should be available via DB channels such as bahn.de and DB Navigator (app) as well as at train stations. And that “just in time before the campaign period” of June.
  • Berlin: Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG will begin “soon” pre-sales, according to the homepage. “We will announce exactly when this will be,” BVG said.
  • Bremen: The exact date is unclear, but “pre-sale will certainly start earlier,” writes Bremer Strasenbahn AG (BSAG). Here, too, we want to inform you in a timely manner.
  • Frankfurt: Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund announces advance sales for ‘probably end of May’.
  • Hanover: Verkehrsbund GVH has announced that the €9 ticket will be available from mid/end of May.
  • Hamburg: According to Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), a pre-sale of €9 tickets is scheduled before June. HVV has already announced a specific date in a press release of May 12, 2022. Accordingly, presales for the €9 ticket will start on May 20, 2022 in Hamburg. The €9 ticket can then be purchased via HVV’s digital and analog sales channels.
  • Castle: Kasseler Verkehrsgesellschaft announces presales on its website, which are expected to start on May 23. Tickets can most likely be purchased at ticket vending machines, bus drivers and all sales outlets.
  • Cologne: “The ticket will be available in the KVB app, customer centers and outlets from May 23,” KVB spokesperson Matthias Bisch wrote when asked by 24RHEIN. “We’re still working on machine sales, so we can’t say the exact date yet.”
  • Leipzig: Public transport company Leipzig wrote on its website: “Pre-sales of the ticket 9 euros will start on May 23.”
  • Oldenburg: VWG in Oldenburg has yet to announce any details about pre-sales and start of sales.
  • Munich: The Munich Transport Company (MVG) has announced the start of pre-sales “end of May”. The €9 ticket will be available from May 22 – subject to reservation – at all MVG touch screen ticket machines. From May 23 also at MVG Customer Centers and at MVG Ticket Partners. However, if you want to buy your ticket online, you still have to be patient. “The €9 digital ticket will be available on the app from June 1,” says MVG.
  • Transport Union Bremen / Lower Saxony (VBN): No information is available yet on whether there will be a pre-sale.
  • Freiburg Transport Association (VAG): The €9 ticket can already be purchased at customer centres, in vending machines, in the sales outlets of Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) – that is, before May 20, when the Bundestag and the Bundesrat agree to the €9 ticket bill you finally want to stick to as a decision. The monthly €9 cheap ticket is currently available in advance for the validity period in June and July.
  • The only problem: not everyone will have a chance to turn to southwest Germany, and sales via the Freiburg VAG online store have now been halted at short notice.

Buy a €9 ticket before June: Like do you I mentioned, single ticket machines will be converted into a €9 ticket in the last week of May. Rail companies may want to face so many customers on June 1st. On the other hand, technical difficulties can be expected in this way.

Pre-sale ticket €9: “I expect overcrowded trains to be cleared”

“I expect crowded trains to be cleared and stations to be closed due to congestion,” EVG President Klaus Hummel said on Wednesday on the sidelines of his union board meeting in Fulda, before the start of the €9 pre-purchase. Ticket from the 2022 relief package.

The industry is not prepared for the rush of customers in the summer months. According to Hummel, buses and trains are already operating within their capacity on routes that attract tourists. It is already clear that rail companies will need additional staff on trains and on the sidewalks for the coming summer months.

€9 advance ticket: the ticket can only be used from June

However, since tickets for €9, which have special rules and the risk of falling into a cost trap, are valid on the first day of each campaign month, tickets cannot be used in May. It is expected in the coming weeks that politicians and railway companies will still have to deal with the outstanding problems. Union president Klaus Hummel warned that “the Traffic Light Alliance project wants to achieve good things, but the consequences have not been taken into account” and demanded that a contact be opened.

As part of the 2022 relief package, the €9 bus and train ticket aims to support citizens of Germany in the midst of the Ukraine war and, ideally, encourage many to switch to local public transport. In addition to the €9 ticket, the government has also opted for the €300 flat rate energy price, the child bonus to be paid in July, and apart from the Corona bonus for Hartz IV recipients, a Hartz €100 IV subsidy is planned and a tank discount for diesel and gasoline has been agreed , which could lead to dramatic scenes at gas stations on June 1.

What can you do with a 9 euro ticket?

You can do so much more with a 9 euro ticket. Because the cheap monthly ticket can be used across the country on all roads and on all public transport from June 1 to August 31. You can take as many trips as you like, from Lake Constance to Sylt and back, if you have the time and patience.

Where can I buy a 9 euro ticket digitally?

Digital sales: The ticket will be available via the DB Navigator app as well as the websites and apps of transportation associations and regional carriers.

Many transport companies and associations are already informing their customers on their websites: in Munich the €9 ticket for June will be available as a mobile ticket in the “MVG Fahrinfo Munich” app from May 31.

Hamburger Verkehersverbund (HVV) It also indicates that the ticket will be available in due time via the “HVV App”, the “HVV switch App” and in the online store. in Cologne Will the ticket be available via the “KVB App”; in Berlin Via the “BVG Fahrinfo app”, the “BVG Ticket app” or the “Jelbi” navigation app in Stuttgart Via the VVS App.

Can you also buy a €9 ticket from the ticket machines or from the bus?

Sale is also planned at Deutsche Bahn ticket vending machines or at the customer centers of the transport associations. In Munich, for example, it could be available from May 22, 2022 in all MVG machines with a touch screen. Leipzig and Kassel aim to start sales on May 23. Transport companies in Cologne and Berlin have already announced their sales via machines and customer centers.

€9 ticket: is bike or dog included in the cheap monthly ticket?

There is no specific information on this question yet. But the answer so far is: Probably not. Free bicycle transport is not automatically included in the €9 monthly ticket. A bike ticket may still be necessary for a €9 train and bus ticket.

When asked if you can take your dog with you for free on a €9 ticket, the answer looks the same. However, the regulations for the respective transport associations should be carefully examined. If the dogs in the price zone need additional tickets, nothing will change with the €9 ticket during the campaign period.

Where is a 9 euro ticket not valid? Can I use the monthly ticket on ICE, EC or IC trains and long-distance buses?

While the €9 ticket is valid on all public transport trains and buses, there are also trains for which the cheap monthly ticket offer does not apply. Among other things, a 9 euro ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (eg IC, EC, ICE) and a 9 euro ticket is not valid on long-distance buses.

In addition, there are other means of transport for which a 9 euro ticket is not valid. This includes, among other things, trains that come and travel from abroad. The same applies to trips with Flixbus, Flixtrain, long-distance buses, other travel companies and buses that are not part of the local public transport. Ferries not part of public transportation, separate steam locomotive rides, or museum excursions are not part of the offer either.

Extension until December? Leave with down payment at €9 ticket

Meanwhile, the left, along with the associations, not only wants a €9 ticket from June to August, but is striving to extend it until September. Federal Union Mobility Expert Marion Jungbloth explained to dpa that the €9 ticket from the relief package is a “bus and train booster”. In principle, monthly tickets, valid for the entire Federal Territory, are a good lure offer and an opportunity to improve local public transport. However, so far, there have been no comments from politicians about the idea of ​​extending the period of the cheap 9 euro monthly ticket until December.

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