Buy PS5: Ticker on May 16th. – This merchant is guaranteed to have supplies today

PlayStation 5 is still in great demand. With this PS5 bar, you won’t miss out on a drop in renewal anymore. Where should you keep your eyes open now?

Update from 05/16/2022, 08:52: Upcoming PlayStation Direct Sale: If you’re at the start of the campaign and should see a long wait – don’t despair right away. Often the number jumps to a bearable value after only a few minutes. So stay connected and be patient.

Update from 05/16/2022, 06:45 AM: Good morning hunters PS5. The new week begins with good news – at least for everyone who has now received invitations from Sony. Because PlayStation Direct, Sony’s in-house PS5 sale, returns again today, May 16, after last week’s drop. At 10:30 a.m. today, there will be another closed sale at PS Direct – the second in May. You can find out more here: Buy PS5: PlayStation Direct drops again today – for the second time in May

The campaign should continue as usual until about 12:00 PM. Only registered PlayStation Direct users who are lucky enough to be randomly selected for promotion by Sony can participate in this sale. As always, the invitation with the sale link will be sent via email. So be sure to check your inbox (and spam folder) again. It is not yet clear if there will be an open sale again after that. However, we will inform you here as soon as possible if this happens this time.

But there are also interesting retailers other than PlayStation Direct that could be exciting in the new week. Renewal guarantors MediaMarkt and Saturn did not sell the PS5 in May. However, in Austria, already had a local pre-order and online drop campaign, which the PS5 hunter scene considers a good omen for Germany.

Because in April there were already domestic sales like this and MediaMarkt (plus Saturn) followed shortly thereafter in that country. But apart from this, there have been rumors on the scene since the beginning of May that MMS will launch a massive pre-order campaign with us this month. An insider is said to have reported this.

Additionally, the following still applies: In May, several retailers had yet to offer the PS5. In addition to the first-tier operators MediaMarkt and Saturn, there are still many mid-size and smaller retailers such as Euronics, MediMax and MyToys. It could be exciting there this week – and in principle any time, including Monday.

Update from May 15, 2022, 5:30 PM: PS Direct seems to be surprising PS5 fans once again with the sale of PlayStation 5. Check your emails, PS5 sale is set to begin on Monday, May 16th at 10:30 AM and last until 12:00 PM. As always, the following applies: Only those who received an invitation from Sony via email can also hit the PlayStation 5. There was no open sale with the latest PS5 drop from PS Direct, and whether that was the case this time around remains to be seen. a favour.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
He writes Fixed game console
generation 09 generation console
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Update from May 15, 2022, 4:55 pm: On Sunday, console status will remain quiet as usual, but we have a new addition to report. A new official PS5 bundle from Sony has appeared in the UK. It is very likely that the German market will soon be pleased with the package. We keep our eyes open for you.

The original message from May 15, 2022, 9:00 a.m.: Hamburg – Securing the Sony PS5 is still no easy feat. Console renewal is still in demand, but also in absolute shortage. In our PS5 bar, we inform you daily about the current status of your Sony console. Where are the chances of falling higher? What are the rumors about the console currently circulating on the network? With the PS5 strip, you’ll never miss a PlayStation refurbishment sale.

Buying PS5: What are the chances of getting a higher console right now?

Which PS5 Retailer Will Sell Console Supplies Next? Of course, there is no firm demand to sell the PS5, but it appears that a few retailers currently will be responsible for selling the next console. With a bit of luck, next Monday could kick off with real fireworks on console. Because the PS5 drops in May it’s still missing a real heavyweight. Gamers are still waiting for the console to be sold on MediaMarkt and Saturn. So you should definitely keep an eye on the two PS5 distributors, there is a severe risk of falling out here.

  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt & Saturn -> Last PS5 drop on Apr 28, 2022 (MM) and Apr 28, 2022 (Saturn), a major local campaign across several Saturn and MediaMarkt branches (started on Apr 12): High chances of renewal in MediaMarkt and Saturn
  • PS5 on Amazon -> Last drop for PS5 on 05/11/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in OTTO -> Last drop for PS5 on 10/05/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 site in Expert -> Last drop for PS5 05/01/2022 (in store): Medium to high chances of console replenishment (Good chances for everyone who is on a queue in the market. Those who are waiting are obviously being supplied more frequently.)
  • Putting the PS5 in Muller -> Last drop for PS5 on 05/13/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in PlayStation Direct -> PS5 Last Drop May 12, 2022: Great Console Renewal Chances (Next Drop Date Already Known)
  • The PS5 site in the alternative -> Last drop for PS5 (drop by drop) on 10/05/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in Euronics -> Last drop for PS5 on 04/27/2022: Medium chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Status in MediMax -> PS5 Last Drop on 03/29/2022: High chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 stand in Kaufland -> last PS5 drop on 04/25/2022: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location at GameStop -> PS5 consoles are sold in store only
  • PS5 website at ComputerUniverse -> PS5 last drop on 01/04/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Status in Cyberport -> PS5 Last Drop on 05/04/2022 (Local in Stores): Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 website at MyToys -> PS5 last drop on 04/26/2022: High chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location at Smyths Toys -> last PS5 drop on 10/27/2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 position in the game grotto -> last PS5 landing on 05/12/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 mode in Conrad -> last PS5 drop on April 8, 2022 (locally in branches, in a market it was still available on April 28): Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Location in Real -> PS5 Last Drop in Store 12/04/2021: Low chances of console regeneration

Buy PS5: Ticker on May 15th. – These merchants are especially hot on Mondays

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With other big retailers like Amazon or OTTO only selling PS5 supplies last week, more drops are likely to be expected from convenience stores. We’re looking at a PS5 retailer like MediMax, for example, but OTTO’s MyToys also looks promising for a possible drop next week. After the PS5 was sold at OTTO, there have often been new consoles at MyToys in the past.

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