Corona’s repercussions: Students lose a year – private lessons on holidays?

The Corona pandemic has caused major problems for many students. The number of those needing professional learning support outside of school has increased. You don’t catch up with that so quickly, says Holger Lis, head of the teaching facility at Abacus, on average a school year. From Hamburg to Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg – this is the area where the counter is active – whether it’s the same picture .

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Liß makes a suggestion that not everyone may like: it may take at least half a year to make up for the school year, preferably with one-on-one lessons. Vacations included. Because this is where learning can be built, and stress is not expected with new material, Lis says. The willingness of young people to continue educational materials after class and during vacations and to accept professional help is prevalent there.

In mathematics, Corona has expelled primary school students in particular

Mathematics ranks first in the school curriculum for girls and boys. And not only in school, but above all in private education. This subject plays an important role from the first to the twelfth grade. Holger Les discovered that Corona brought back younger students from the third and fourth grades in particular. “If you didn’t master math in elementary school, you’d go through all of your other school years,” Lis says.

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That’s why its teaching facility offers private lessons. The teachers would go to the students’ homes. “Because there are significantly more students taking private lessons from us — and I know other providers are growing as well — we’ve also increased our staff,” he says. The huge gaps in basic knowledge were also caused by a “lack or lack of online lessons, particularly at the beginning of the epidemic”. There were significantly more students taking private lessons at the Abacus sites – in Neustrelitz and Neubrandenburg than throughout MV and Brandenburg.

Praise the state government of MV

More tutoring is also required for students in grades seven through nine. “Now this is not an outing in the regular classroom and face to face with puberty, but the necessary isolation and tutoring often reinforce this. In addition, public schools in Germany adapt downward to the students: it is often no longer possible to support those who have what it takes This is also a problem that has consequences for affected students. My colleagues experience all of this extensively these days,” summarizes Holger Lake.

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He praises the state government in Schwerin: “Certificate of Sponsorship, which allows all students from all walks of life to support 30 credit hours, is almost a one-off. Hamburg does not do this and Schleswig-Holstein does it very little.” 18.75 euros per student and hour It doesn’t cover everything, but improvements have also been made for socially disadvantaged families, says Head Liss.

Criticisms of funding from Anclam

There is clearly a gap between city and country when it comes to private lessons. Because Stevie Jacobs can not confirm praise is not. In an interview with Nordkurier Jacobs Nachhilfe in Anclam said: “The 18.75 euros per unit and child set by the state is not enough to deliver high-quality extra-curricular education. For providers to be able to get the support rate, they have to form groups of at least six to eight students. However, they do not meet in rural areas, at least if they are educationally justified, and therefore should be homogeneous in terms of age, subject and type of school. Thus, young people from socially disadvantaged families are excluded from extracurricular education”, fears Steffi Jacobs.

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This criticism is not new to the Ministry of Education. This is said to be the reason for opening the digital presentation program. In addition, work is currently underway to open the financing program for the nationwide pool of service providers in general. According to Stevie Jacobs, teaching online is not always a solution because the internet is often unusable, especially in rural areas.

The pressure on some students decreased

However, Stevie Jacobs can confirm an increase in the number of tutoring students of all ages. Since 1998, she has been running the tutoring facility with her husband, Hendrik. The team now consists of ten independents. Corona has not only slowed students down, it has also slowed schools like hers. We had to shut down completely for six weeks. This always leaves loopholes. I discovered this through individual lessons as well as in groups. ”

Mathematics is its subject and plays an important role in students’ daily lives – even if it isn’t always popular. “The need for teaching generally increases with higher grades. However, before Corona there were fewer primary school students. At the moment, it comes to us mainly children of fifth and sixth grades.” In addition to mathematics, German and English are in special demand. She also noted that a break from school was a good thing for some: “For one student or for the other, learning at home removed the stress he knew from school, for example from many tests. It was good for them. We grew up,” says Steffi Jacobs. All during these Corona months.

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