Giant mountains with children: destinations and tips

we Show you what to discover with the kids in the Giant Mountains holiday region Give the places And the most famous adventures And Landmarks full family Either in summer or winter. Be it Harrachov, Spindlermühle or Bad Flinsberg, the small towns and villages of Mountains of Poland and the Czech Republic We invite you to discover. We have the most beautiful scenes and Activities for kids in giant mountains collected in this article.

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Families with young and old children often look for a combination when they are on vacation Adventure, experience nature and relaxation. This mix is ​​brought to you in the Giant Mountains and Podkrkonoší region. Active vacationers go on many hiking trails and nature trails in the countryside. This is how they learn Rich in plants and animals From the highest mountains of the Czech and Silesian. many of Big adventure playgrounds Allow young children to let off steam to their heart’s content.

giant mountains
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The most important things about the Krkonose Mountains holiday area with kids

  • age: For young children and young adults, giant mountains are one A diverse and exciting world of experience Ready. While the little ones are looking at nature from the stroller, get ready Nature trails and playgrounds The joy of older children.
  • temper nature: In the giant mountains and hills, visitors can expect a Various plants and animals. Many walking space You drive through the majestic forests. They contain educational and exploratory trails where families can learn about the local wildlife.
  • attractions: For children belongs the eldest Inflatable maze in the Czech Republic To the most beautiful trekking destinations to let off steam in the fresh air. Parents can also take them on exciting adventure trails like Walking up the treewhich gives you a panoramic view of Krkonoše National Park.

Experiences, attractions, and picnic destinations for children and families in the Giant Mountains العطلات holiday region

giant mountains
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Farma Basarovi Hotel in the Giant Czech Mountains


“Farma Basarovi” is a rural accommodation in Prosečné. This is located in the Hradec Kralove district, around 24 km from Karpacz Removal. The hotel, reminiscent of a farm, unites Living close to nature with comfortable furnishings. In all rooms, guests will find a kitchenette.

Due to its location, the hotel is an ideal base for excursions into the giant mountains. Popular trekking spot Špindlerův Mlýn is 18 km. If families plan to take an extended bike tour, they can rent bikes on site. Other activities waiting for you nearby are golf and skiing. Right there in front of the property big stadiumfrom which young children go.

Pharma Basarovy

giant mountains
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Teufelsberg – On foot or by cable car up the mountain

Teufelsberg or Čertova hora is one of the most beautiful excursion destinations for active vacationers. The mountain is 1,020 meters high The western part of the giant mountains. This is what kids can expect at its peak The largest inflatable maze in the Czech Republic. in which A maze Move along a total of 105 meters of lanes to return to the outside. You do not need to pay an entry fee for this.

To get to Teufelsberg, families take a long walk Walking or using the cable car. This will take you back to the beautiful city center of Harrachov. There is a small garden for children next to the elevator in a wooden castle. Kids can have fun on the air trampoline, swings and slides.

adviceAdmission is free as long as parents have a ticket for the cable car.

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Mining Museum in Harrachov

Mining is the oldest branch of industry in the Giant Mountains. Although it makes no sense today, many museums in the holiday area deal with this topic. In March 2003, families visited the Mining Museum in Harrachov with the adjacent tunnel. The museum houses many tools and aids that were once important to the underground mining of raw materials. Visitors also admire the shimmering metals.

Maps and photos show the miners’ lives. The inspection tunnel, which is about 1,000 meters long, is exciting for children. Crushed gravel covers the paths leading to the ore mine. The average temperature here is a maximum of twelve degrees Celsius. So that visitors do not freeze, they are given a protective jacket and helmet before the tour.

Mining Museum
512 46 Harrachov

giant mountains
Giant Mountains Treetop Walkway

Treetop Walkway in Krkonoše National Park

Giant mountains feature fairytale forests with majestic trees. On the path to the top of the tree, children recognize it from the root to the tip of the leaf. sexy The path leads over the treetops In the Krkonoše National Park. Groups of at least ten visitors walk together. Guided walking at dizzy heights takes time An hour and a half to three hours.

During the tour, families pass by different stations. These are dedicated to topics such as “The Land – The Invisible Part of the Forest”. One of the most famous attractions on the road is Control tower. From its center leads one 80 meters long glide. Families with young children can go for a walk comfortably.

Walking up the tree
Krkonošská ev. č. three hundred fifty
542 25 Jansek Lazne

giant mountains
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Animal trail in Špindlerův Mlýn

One Suitable height for children It begins in Špindlerův Mlýn. Animal path leads to visitor magnet moravska buda. Likewise, hikers visit Castle. Total Eight kilometers circular road It ends again in the center of Špindlerův Mlýn. Parents with young children can handle it indoors Three to four hours. Children from the age of six can skip the slight slopes. Rising is more difficult with a stroller.

In addition to the picturesque nature, Animal Trail has many active vacationers Regional attractions Ready. This mountain hotel includes the “Mährische Hütte”, where hikers enjoy refreshments during their tour.

Overnight tip:
Moravian Cottage

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