Letters to the Editor: May 16, 2022

Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor: May 16, 2022

More Danish serenity

14/15 May: “Wear a mask without pressure. Those who continue to protect themselves from Corona should not smile at them or criticize

We have been traveling in Denmark for the past two weeks. Here there is flour and oil in the supermarket, no one wears masks and no one has to sign up for any app in the restaurant. Little is said about accidents and hospital occupancy. The longer we stay here among the Danes, the more surreal the articles and inspiration in Hamburger Abendblatt seem. It must be said that the “German concern” is really grown and lived right. Also regarding the kind of reporting on the really boring and tragic topic of Ukraine. We would like to send some Danish calm to Germany.

Bernd Bloom

Better progress in winter

May 13: “A 9 euro ticket in Hamburg – everything you need to know. Where available, and on which trains you can travel through Germany, what HVV subscribers should pay attention to. “

A €9 ticket is basically a good way to get more passengers interested in public transport and thus support the shift in mobility in our city. But what I don’t understand at all is why is this offer only available in the summer months and during long vacations? At this time in particular, a lot of people are using bicycles instead of cars anyway and the streets are also much empty due to the holidays. In my opinion, such a campaign will have a real impact in the last quarter of the year, when it is uncomfortable abroad. Possible positive side effects: Fewer cars downtown during the Christmas season.

Susan Grabler

Is bike transportation possible?

In your report, I’ve so far left out a relevant aspect of the €9 ticket planned in the HVV area (and elsewhere): are bikes included in the offer, especially without the highly restrictive closing times yet? Only if this temporary ban is lifted can the intended effect of encouraging cyclists to use it more, otherwise they will continue to be disqualified – at appropriate times, especially in remote areas where trains and buses are often underused.

Eckhard Bartholomew, Fidel

Unobstructed view of Ukraine

May 13: “What now, Europe? The European Union faces an uncertain future. Radical reforms are now needed to protect freedom and democracy. A contribution to the debate”

It’s finally here, the article I’ve been waiting for for weeks and months. Sven Komerink explains the current political situation in Europe as if with a scalpel and clearly shows the inevitable nonsense of consensus required. In addition, there is an unobstructed view of the completely unsatisfactory internal condition of Ukraine even before the unfortunate and inhumane war on the part of Russia – even then as an unacceptable candidate to join the European Union. Without the USA, which the spirit of the modern age likes to reproach, not only Germany, but also other European NATO countries, would be a powerless puppet for nuclear-armed opponents. A must read for anyone interested in politics.

Rolf Mayer

Ukraine is not mature yet

Sven Komerink’s article is great! Walk away unanimously. No new acceptance before basic repair. The European Union already has too many problem countries, deficiencies, cherry pickers, and cumin workers. Ukraine is not yet mature and should not be included in the pity ticket.

Hans de Bebo

Organizing the movement of cruises

May 10th: “The cruise industry feels mistreated by the Senate. The head of HMS Aida and Costa is highly critical of Hamburg policy.”

Michael Tham, Germany’s most important cruise director, feels badly treated by the Senate and believes Hamburg “can still learn a lot” from Kiel and Rostock. Mr. Tam must take a look at the gun when it comes to “Consequences of the Crusade”. His craft can also learn a lot from Lake City. There, the Venetians successfully defended themselves against ship giants that emit pollutants and damage the foundation as well as against the uncontrolled mass influx of cruise tourists. Now only small cruise ships are allowed to sail across the lake, and large boats have to dock outside the city. For the Senate, learning from Venice meant strict regulation of the cruise traffic for the sake of the environment and no regard for the people of Hamburg. The same applies here: less often is more!

Peter Silman

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