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Citizen Advice Center champions from left: Günther Wahlberg, President of BKV, EUTB Staff, Anita Luhrmann EUTB LK CW, Christine Blanc Jost EUTB State Association of the Hard of Dissertation and Deaf, Beate Hansemann EUTB Association of the Blind and Visually Disabled BW and Michaela Ohmes Care Support Center Calw district, Diana Neubrand Dementia Network Bad Liebenzell and EUTB employee Photo: Wallburg

Anyone who needs care or is at risk of being disabled is often at a loss – even if the accident affects the family. In Bad Liebenzell, assistance for such situations has now been created – in the form of a citizen advisory center.

Bad Liebenzell – Several network actors joined forces and presented their future concept of a joint citizen counseling center in the park hall of the Citizen Center to city citizens in the form of a media tour and discussions. A novelty in the entire Calw area.

The actors

In collaboration with the Calw County Care Base, the Bad Liebenzell Dementia Network and Supplementary Independent Participation Advice (EUTB) for the blind and visually impaired as well as hearing impaired and deaf people, the Association of Bad Liebenzell Citizens and Culture (BKV) in its association office has initiated the establishment of a joint counseling center in the center of the village. Monakam, which will be available in the future to all citizens seeking advice free of charge.

People in need of care and at risk of care

Michaela Omez of the Care Base in Calo provided a brief outline of her central duties in the district office. She would like to support the Bad Liebenzell Citizens Advice Center on site in the future and thus provide free and impartial advice and reporting to both those in need and at risk of care as well as their relatives. She further explains that, in addition to information about legal and municipal services, it also provides information about regional sponsorship offerings and assistance in availing services. If necessary, they also support the organization of on-site care and arrange appropriate outpatient care and assistance services.

Rehabilitation and participation

Anita Lohrmann of EUTB Calw provided information on rehabilitation and participation issues. You will also accompany the Bad Liebenzell New Citizens Advice Center and see its function in particular in the period before you apply for specific services, for example medical rehabilitation services and the responsibility of rehabilitation providers for questions related to the topic of participation, such as participation in working life. She added that participation in working life means discovering the possibilities of professional perspectives and finding and maintaining the right job. Primarily the right of self-determination for persons with imminent disabilities should be promoted, in particular by giving special consideration to the counseling method of peer counseling (advising by those affected by those affected).

Victims advise those affected

One such person, Bate Haselman of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired at BW, spoke about her personal experiences of living with her disability. She also wants to be part of the new advisory network and, as a “guide”, helps affected people on site so that they can address all issues publicly in an atmosphere of trust. Another peer counselor, Christine Blank Jost of the State Association for Hearing and Deaf People at BW, spoke on the information and discussion tour about her experiences and advocated using the new counseling service seriously, because what the BKV is trying to do here Starting the city together is something new in the area entire and provides a unique opportunity for Bad Liebenzell and its citizens.

dementia network

This was confirmed by the latest Citizens Advice Center network member, Diana Newbrand of the City’s Dementia and Social Management Network. According to Neubrand, the Dementia Network, which was founded in 2019, has set itself the goal of continually improving the care of people with dementia locally and supporting their interested relatives and friends in their valuable work with advice and action. She also wants to bring in two members of her dementia network as discussion partners at the Citizens Advice Center here.

The event chairman concluded all tough beginnings. However, one did not expect such a low and therefore disappointing public participation in the media event and only hopes that this situation will be reversed as soon as possible. There is now an urgent need to increase marketing campaigns on the city’s social media, on the websites of collaboration partners, in the regular print media and on large format posters at all fairs in the heart of the city and districts. The Dementia Network wants to run a stand at the upcoming Care Fair on July 2 in the Hall of Mirrors in Bad Liebenzell as well as provide information on the Citizens Advice Center.


The Citizens Advice Center in the center of the village of Monakam will provide advice on the following days from 3 pm to 5 pm during the next three months:

June 7 Nursing base in Kalu district

14 June EUTB Association of the Blind and Displays BW

June 21 National Association of Hearing Impaired and Deaf People EUTB

June 28 Dementia Network BL

June 30 EUTB district in Kalu

July 5 Nursing base in Kalu district

Jul 12 EUTB Association of the Blind and Displays BW

26 July Dementia Network BL

July 28 EUTB Calw . Region

August 2 Nursing base in Kalu district

August 9 EUTB Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired BW

August 23 dementia network BL

25 August EUTB District of Kalu

Consultation appointments must be arranged in advance.

Contact Person: Diana Neubrand, City Administration of Bad Liebenzell; Tel. 07052/40 82 12; Email: [email protected]

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