Sixty and the lavish non-ascension party

Munich When lions celebrate the ascent…

The tip on the western curve, VIP-Alm and Mallorca

Fans chanted “Kolner on the fence” at the western bend, and players treated a lion tamer to a beer shower. It was a great party that the Giesingers started with a 6:3 scene against Borussia Dortmund II, later continued at VIP Alm in the clubhouse and continued the next day on the festive island of Mallorca. The only tiny drop of gallbladder: 1860 didn’t even go up.

Stefan Salger: “This is why sixty is also sixty”

“Word of that radiance has passed on to me in Cologne,” said Stefan Salger, head of defense excited after the final win, which the Cologne native finished his time with the Blues and took the club back home. Just like last year, the Sixties celebrated with a frantic non-promotional party on the rooftop of Löwen-Stüberl.

Marcel Bär with his glass was one of the popular paintings for photography

Top scorer Marcel Barr not only became the third-tier scorer with his 20th goal this season, but he also followed up with the 21st. Popular photo idea: 29-year-old in all poses with cup, with and without top.

“It is difficult – and it is difficult to win. For me personally, when you are on the pitch and you have to experience it firsthand, and you have to compete with strong defenders in many matches, I can say: It is not easy but to make it clear,” said the man of today with a wide smile. Now with that dream it just feels great.”

The involuntary landing defect still exists

“I would definitely exchange them for an upgrade, we don’t need to talk about that,” Barr said, indicating what he would say. When asked about his future, he said, “I’ve worked in this field for a long time, and so do you. And I don’t hide it: if something unethical happens, it should be talked about because I’m 30 but I plan to play at 60 next year.”

So unless a club buys him in the Bundesliga, Sixty Ballermann’s goal next season is to have (even) more reason to celebrate: “Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for promotion, but we will attack again next year. I think that will play the club.” in the second division in the near future.

Kollner doesn’t want to guarantee his survival

Then there will be Michael Kollner. The coach made two honors rounds and stood on the fence by loudspeaker. “I told the fans what I told you: We need a strong 1860 next year. Nothing else matters.” Consistent: The 52-year-old didn’t want to guarantee his survival: “Why do I stand up now and make a commitment based on promises or assumptions?”

And the lions celebrated with their fans after the match, which witnessed nine goals against Dortmund.

TSV 1860 celebrates a cup break – and has already set its sights on the future


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Sasha Breakers

Former lion Sasha Mulders is moving into the RTL summer house with his wife Yvonne


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Meanwhile, Kölner – like his kicker – is on Mali. Separated from each other: “Fortunately we’re not on the same plane. It doesn’t mean the team is going to the airport, maybe scared – and then they see Kölner live. You don’t necessarily have to have that,” the coach said.

What a naked man probably should not have is the summer house of the stars. Former lion Sasha Mulders seems to see things differently after landing with Grossbach and moving there with his wife Yvonne. In Mulders’ house, it seems, people have to celebrate the holidays as soon as they come.

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