Sports with the dog: what are the appropriate sports?

As a rule, dog owners cannot complain about a lack of exercise. But sport still falls by the wayside for many. Combined physical training promises all kinds of advantages – for people And animal.

5 good reasons to exercise together

  1. Together, sports enhance trust between humans and animals.
  2. Sports train the social behavior of the dog.
  3. Sports not only make people more balanced, but also make them a dog. After the training session, they both feel satisfied and exhausted.
  4. Sports make you happy. This also applies to dogs. Sport has a positive effect on the psyche of animals.
  5. Your dog motivates you. If you combine sports with a daily walk, your dog will help you stay on the ball.

The dog and the master / mistress: 10 sports to train together

Compatibility with your four-legged friend – this should not be a problem for gentlemen or mistresses. Not every sport is suitable for every dog, but the possibilities are many.

jogging and walking
Running and dogs – this is often not a good combination. However, jogging or walking with your four-legged friend works without any problems with many dog ​​breeds. This can be difficult with smaller animals and shorter breathing. You should walk the dog at most.

As a precaution, have your vet check your dog beforehand and avoid – for your own good too – starting a run in the middle of the day. Make sure you and your four-legged friend get enough water and preferably choose soft walking surfaces. that protects the joints.

It makes sense to buy an abdominal strap so that your hands are free when running or walking.

to swim
Swimming is not only a very healthy sport for a person. Dogs can also strengthen their muscles while swimming without straining their joints. Swimming also strengthens the heart and enhances endurance.

Hunting: Not all dog breeds love water. Retrievers and Newfoundlands are true water lovers. If your four-legged friend isn’t one of them, give him time to get used to the cold water.

Frisbee dog
Disc throw sports come from the USA, but are now also increasingly popular here. Sports competition at Dog Frisbee is held mainly in three disciplines: freestyle, small distance and long distance. Especially the freestyle leaves plenty of room for your creative choreography.

dog dance
Those who find it particularly enjoyable can also try dog ​​dancing. Here, too, there is a free variant, related to the persuasive implementation of a musical theme with freely definable elements, forms or jumps. The so-called music stub work is much stricter. The focus is on the dancing expression of the dog and the human, with which the specific situations are determined.

Dog yoga, doga
The “downward facing dog” is one of the most popular yoga poses. A sport that you can also do with your four-legged friend. The effect of training is similar in humans and animals: relaxation, dilution and anticonvulsant.

Since Doga is usually served in group sessions, your four-legged friend must have a certain social compatibility with other animals and people.

Dogs that love to move around and shed power make great soccer partners. If the dog and the owner enjoy it, it is worth buying a dog special football. It is a little smaller and easier for animals to carry.

If your dog obeys your every word and walks well, you can even take it with you to go sledding. If it still doesn’t work with the commands, it needs to be practiced further first. Otherwise, it can be dangerous on both sides.

To go cycling
The situation is similar when cycling together. Bike training should start with pushing the bike next to the dog before riding it. Special elastic lines provide additional security.

Cross country skiing
Winter sports and dogs? You can’t take your four-legged friends with you on the slopes. However, cross-country skiing should not be a problem. So that your four-legged friend’s feet don’t ache, they should be smeared with milking cream before the snow roll – or get a pair of boots for Belo.

W: On the tour, make sure your lover doesn’t eat a lot of snow. Because it causes stomach problems and diarrhea.

Every start is tough – these 5 tips will help you get started in sports together

  1. take it easy! This gives your dog a chance to learn about sports and equipment.
  2. be patient! Don’t put pressure on your animal and introduce it to the new pose in a playful way. Only practice makes perfect.
  3. Do not exercise for a long time, especially in the beginning. A few minutes is enough to get started. Dogs usually rest 18 to 20 hours per day.
  4. If your dog shows signs of stress (gasping, red tongue hanging, shortness of breath), you should stop training.
  5. Both sides should enjoy and feel good about exercising together.

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