TCS Camping Pole: Is Camper the New Camping?

Glamping – the relaxed vacation lifestyle for everyone who craves idleness, nature and freedom.

TCS camping sion


If you want to try something new and adventurous, go for “glamping”, that is, “magic camping”.


Nicole Wagner, TCS Camping

People have been spending their holidays in camps for over a hundred years and now camping is more popular than ever. What originally started with a simple meadow, tent, and air mattress has been adapted and developed time and time again over the years to meet the new needs and desires of campers, right up to the very popular brewing offering today.

Glamping (Glamourous CamPING) is something for the most demanding campers with a penchant for adventure and nature. So to speak, camping with a touch of sparkle. But luxury also means enjoying the freedom and nature of the campsite without the hassle of lugging around camping gear and without tying pegs for hours before you can feel comfortable. With lavish luxury, you can simply rent fully furnished accommodation at the campsite and enjoy uncomplicated nature holidays without sacrificing comfort.

You define the shimmering comfort yourself. The offer on the campsites is very diverse: from simple accommodation, which only provides you with a solid roof over your head and a solid bed, to a real luxurious temple with a four-poster bed, bathroom, shower and your own balcony with lounge you will find everything.

Glamping – Unusual and Unique Accommodations

Tents are pitched at Alp Nagens from the end of June to the middle of September.

Tents are pitched at Alp Nagens from the end of June to the middle of September.

TCS pop-up glamping Laax

Experience the hills in the middle of a picturesque mountain backdrop.

Experience the hills in the middle of a picturesque mountain backdrop.

TCS pop-up glamping Laax

TCS Camping Sion welcomes surfers of Alaïa Bay to its surf camp.

TCS Camping Sion welcomes surfers of Alaïa Bay to its surf camp.

TCS camping sion

5 reasons why we love luxury

1. Glamping is perfect for a taste of camping

If you’ve always wanted to go camping but never dared, camping is a practical way to get a taste of camping. You don’t have to search for or borrow equipment from friends or acquaintances. This is much easier and less complicated. You can easily rent ready-made accommodation at the camp site to see if you or your family are dedicated to the camping life.

2. You don’t need your own camping equipment

Not everyone has the means to purchase their own camping equipment. Also, many of them do not have the space to store all the materials or to store their camper or camper when not in use. However, if you still want to camp, you can alternatively rent accommodation at the campsite. Depending on the standard, this is equipped with everything you need, so you will not have to buy anything extra and take only your personal belongings with you.

3. There is luxurious accommodation for every taste

The The possibilities are endless for luxury camping. Depending on your preference, you might opt ​​for something simple but charming, such as a capsule, a comfy wooden balm. Or opt for a charming and adventurous stay like the Safari Tent Deluxe with private bathroom, four-poster bed, well-appointed kitchen and cozy terrace. Or as a romantic lodge: on dry, mild summer nights, you can open the tent roof and enjoy a direct view of the open sky and the stars. Do you have adventurous blood? Even then, something is appropriate: sleeping like an Indian in a teepee tent, experiencing a nostalgic wagon of how gypsies used to live, or enjoying the expansive view of the lake from the lighthouse.

With luxury, you will experience the feeling of the holiday in a whole new way. You are outside and in nature practically all day long. This is for nature lovers and mountain lovers The luxury pop-up village in Laax is its highlight. Relax in the middle of the mountains, hike during the day, eat comfortably with other guests in the evening and sleep in a tent at night. And if you’re lucky, a badger will greet you outside the tent door in the morning. Absolute freedom.

4. Going on a luxury train vacation is no problem

Like I said, unlike regular camping vacations, you don’t need any special equipment for a great vacation. Everything you need is available in this luxurious accommodation. You only need to take what you need personally, such as clothes and toiletries. And you can take it with you on a train trip. Most camps are easily accessible by public transportation. Camping guests can often use public transport in the area for free during their stay, for example throughout the canton of Ticino. So you can take trips to the surrounding area easily and inexpensively. Another tip if you prefer to travel without the hassle of carrying your luggage: SBB can carry your luggage directly from door to door, i.e. from your front door to the campsite.

5. Glamping has a better climate footprint than some other types of vacation

For friends with a good climatic balance, flamingo is an excellent alternative to sustainable holidays: compared to a vacation trip by plane and an overnight stay in a hotel, luxury camping releases far fewer harmful emissions. Especially if you choose a destination as close as possible and travel with an energy-efficient car. Arriving by train leads to better balance naturally.

Be shiny too. In TCS camp sites you can under Choose from over 20 different luxury accommodations. Or search on Luxury accommodation across Europe.

under the brand TCS Camping, the Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) has been running camps throughout Switzerland for over 70 years. In 2021, 23 TCS places booked more than 1 million overnights. Together with the booking platform, the online guide, many other services related to camping and caravans with nearly 23,000 camping members, TCS is the largest and leading camping organization in Switzerland.

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