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The traditional FAUN company relies on the hydrogen engine and wants to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

A new era of climate protection has begun in Bremen: under the new ENGINIUS brand, the automobile manufacturer FAUN, specializing in municipal vehicles, is one of the first suppliers in the world to introduce hydrogen-powered trucks into series production. “Freight transport contributes about 10 percent to global CO2 emissions,” says Patrick Hermanspan. “Our vision is climate-neutral trucking, and with ENGINIUS we want to become the European market leader for hydrogen-powered trucks on short and medium-haul roads by 2030.” , CEO of the FAUN Group at the ENGINIUS presentation at the vehicle production halls in Bremen.

With its municipal vehicles, FAUN has proven that hydrogen is ideal for powering heavy vehicles: in many cities such as Berlin, Duisburg, Bochum and Brussels, there are already hydrogen-powered waste-collecting vehicles on the road, which not only help get rid of waste and waste, but also the city’s air is clean Noise pollution is low. Patrick Hermanspan: “Our cars are on the road where children play and families live. For this reason, it is important for us to reduce emissions from our cars. Now we are going a step further and making our knowledge available to everyone interested in moving goods and merchandise that is noise-free, clean and sustainable.”

“Transport and logistics plays a central role in all sectors of the economy. Thus, climate-neutral trucking, based on renewable energies, is an important step on our path to a circular economy. This is exactly what we are defending with our new ENGINIUS brand,” says Dr. Johannes F. Kirchhoff, Managing Partner of the KIRCHHOFF Group. Under the new branding, chassis from Daimler Trucks is used, equipped with the latest alternative technology in the Bremen production halls: hydrogen from high-pressure tanks is converted into electricity using fuel cells, thus driving an electric motor and on-board battery storage. Depending on the equipment, the vehicles can achieve a range of up to 400 km with a payload similar to that of a diesel vehicle. Hydrogen tanks take less than 15 minutes to fill.

Based on the Econic chassis from Daimler Trucks, ENGINIUS offers the 3-Axle “BLUEPOWER” as a carrier vehicle for refuse collection or sweeping attachments. Based on the biaxial Atego, ENGINIUS will launch a flexible “CITYPOWER” for freight and cargo transportation in 2023. “We see huge potential for CITYPOWER in particular because of its versatility and flexibility,” says FAUN CEO Patrick Hermanspan. This also means that production capacities at the Bremen site will be gradually expanded.

In order to present ENGINIUS, the production hall is immersed in the world of blue and red for the new brand. Floating white balloons and spherical sounds create a connection to the hydrogen theme, and large banners show the ambitions, in words, that ENGINIUS competes with: Ideas become ideals, the new becomes neutral, the impossible becomes incredible – welcome to the beginning of a new era. For Patrick Hermanspan, these words convey a deeper message: “We are at the beginning of an exciting journey and already know today that there are many questions to be answered and challenges to be mastered along the way. It is time that we all take control and focus on paving the way to a neutral future. Climatic. The path is set and with ENGINIUS we want to make a contribution.”

About Ingenious

ENGINIUS is a subsidiary of the FAUN Group, which manufactures alternative motor vehicles and has set itself the goal of heavy, climate-neutral cargo traffic. Currently a team of 60 specialists works at the Bremen plant, and the FAUN group employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. The chassis manufacturer is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of garbage collection vehicles and road sweepers, and now operates twelve plants in seven countries. The head office of the group is located in Osterholz-Charmbeck, Lower Saxony. FAUN is part of KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, the environmental division of the global KIRCHHOFF group. In 2021, the KIRCHHOFF group of companies with 12,200 employees generated sales of €2.2 billion in the four business areas of automobiles, tools, vehicle conversions and municipal technology. The group has 56 factories in 22 countries on five continents.

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