These are the causes and solutions

These are the reasons for the inability to relate

First of all we have to point out that people who are generally unable to form a long relationship for a stable partnership, but their relationships never last more than a few months or only a few years. In psychology, the topic is not undisputed, as one looks for psychologists He was not born incapable of relationshipsHowever, this particular behavior develops and deepens over a lifetime. Men and women are also equally affected by inability, there is no gender, which tends more to fear commitment. What ultimately leads to the inability to communicate is due to the personal mindset and the traumas he has gone through. We have compiled some of the reasons that can lead to the inability to relate:

Fear of commitment

Either we experienced the following scenario ourselves or our best friend did. To the question: “What with us?” After a longer period of getting to know each other, the potential partner immediately flees. This is just a real stab in the heart when you actually imagine a beautiful relationship. Fear of commitment is the main reason why partnerships fail or even enter into new relationships. A common cause for fear of commitment is bad experiences in the past, such as with children from divorce. According to a study, after witnessing a breakup, pain and fear of attachment can develop subconsciously. Therefore, the relationship between divorce and subsequent attachment anxiety has been well researched.

Fear of giving in to yourself

Compromises are strange to some people and hard to make. In fact, compromises in a relationship are very important to making the partnership work. Everyone has some rough edges that you have to learn to love. However, some people are not willing to give up or change something about themselves and thus frustrate the other person’s plans for the future. For example, if one thinks about the topic “the desire to have children”, it can become sensitive and, for example, cause great anxiety for a professionally oriented man. For him, the subject of having children would be tantamount to giving up oneself, eventually leading to a fear of commitment. So it is important in a partnership not to put yourself completely ahead or behind, but to plan ahead in a way that makes both partners happy in the end.

Job is everything

A profession is important to many people – both men and women. If a dream job is within reach and the career ladder can be climbed far, then this can be Possible relationship killer will. Once the office has priority and overtime is accepted, the partner has to step back. So, if your goals in life are a home, a child and a dog, then career people are unlikely to suit you.

Afraid of losing

Many say that men in particular tend to miss relationships out of fear of losing them. In fact, feeling is prevalent between the sexes and many love to experiment. Therefore, Friendship Plus is very popular among these people. You don’t have to commit, but you can still have fun and enjoy some liberties. Many people are also constantly looking for affirmation, and as they get older, they are often prevented from making a final commitment.


Do you have specific ideas about your dream partner? Ideally, should it be a certain length, hair color, or a certain taste in music? These demands can make you narrow-minded when it comes to finding a partner, which actually makes you a good fit for a relationship. Concrete ideas are by no means frowned upon, but you should temper your expectations a bit if your list contains hundreds of points. Everyone has rough edges, but it can still suit you. It is worth giving a chance to everyone.

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