Uli Hoeness sees Bayern Munich as a game for some media

Updated on 16/05/2022 10:51 AM

  • In light of reports about the possible departure of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness criticizes the actions of parts of the media.
  • The longtime record-breaking champion spoils the mood that it’s only about Lewandowski’s future, but not about ten championships in a row.
  • Coach Julian Nagelsmann also receives good advice from Hoeneß.

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Honorary Chairman Uli Hoeness is recommending a thicker skin for Bayern Munich in light of current public transfer discussions around world footballer Robert Lewandowski.

Hoeness told “Münchner Merkur”/”tz” media group on the sidelines of the championship celebration on Sunday. There is no club in the world where the subject is approached in this way. “Contracts expire everywhere, but we write about them every day. But I blame the club for putting up with all of you.” The 70-year-old’s suggestion: “Don’t put up with everything. Bayern is currently a game for some media, and that shouldn’t be the case.”

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Hoeneß: There’s almost no talk of ten consecutive championship titles anymore

After last season with the 10th title in a row, only negative things are in focus. “All week we only talk about contracts or about this or that,” Hoeneß said.

After beating Borussia Dortmund 3-1 in the first match, Bayern Munich is once again celebrating the German championship. After two years of abstinence with Corona, the celebration is definitely more prolific than it has been in previous years. The wheat beer shower also celebrates the return. The best pictures.

And he added: “Something Robert Lewandowski is completely normal in business. One says:” I want to go. “The other says: “I will not let you go”, and then whoever wants to leave should say: “I must accept it”.

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Hoeness: Lewandowski and Bayern Munich are balanced

If Lewandowski breaks his leg tomorrow, “we can’t say: ‘You have to go now because we can’t use you anymore.’ He’s done a great job here. Bayern paid big money. We’re balanced. It’s simple.”

Lewandowski has received an offer from FC Barcelona that he is willing to accept. In Munich, the Polish striker’s contract remains until June 2023. “Well, we’ll see in a year,” Hoeness said. “Maybe he’ll sign for three people again next year. That could happen.”

With Robert Lewandowski, signs say farewell. Who can inherit the top scorer in Bayern? (with material from dpa)

Ule Hoeness recommends Julian Nagelsmann to be patient

The club’s longtime boss also has good advice for sole coach, 34-year-old Julian Nagelsmann after his first year at Bayern. “He also has to learn that Roma cannot be built in one year. I think he has achieved what is important at Bayern: the championship. Everyone at the club has to work on it now that Bayern are also doing better at international level than they have been this season. “. (dpa/SID/hau)

Bayern Munich celebrates the championship title

About 10,000 fans cheer for Germany’s new (and old) heroes at Kaiser-Wetter.

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