War Day Glance: Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Shultz no longer wants to travel to Kyiv

Glimpse of war day
Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Schulze does not want to travel to Kyiv anymore

According to the Ukrainian army, the Russian Donbass offensive has come to a complete standstill. Ukraine has not yet confirmed the alleged rescue of wounded soldiers from the Azov steel plants by Kremlin forces. Meanwhile, Putin threatens Finland and Sweden after their decision to join NATO, and Erdogan announces his veto. Chancellor Schultz only wants to travel to Kyiv when he has something to announce. A glimpse into the eighty-second day of the war.

Repel progress in the East

According to the Ukrainian army, they largely stopped the Russian attack attempts in the east of the country and destroyed many ammunition depots. “By bombarding enemy warehouses stationed in the city of Izyum, the defense forces destroyed large stockpiles of ammunition,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in its report on the situation in the evening. According to the Kyiv army, Russian attacks in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine were repulsed everywhere. For example, advances in the direction of Sievjerodonetsk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Kurakhove and Avdiivka were repelled.

North of Kharkiv, Russian forces took a defensive position and tried to stop the advance of Ukrainian forces towards the border. The Russians were preparing for a new offensive near the small town of Izyum, south of Kharkiv. A spokesman for the US Department of Defense confirmed this information. According to Washington, the Ukrainian units are located at a distance of three to four kilometers from the Russian border in northeastern Ukraine.

Moscow claims to have rescued fighters from steel mills

According to the report of the Ukrainian General Staff, Mariupol is still heavily bombarded by artillery and air forces. “The efforts of the main enemy in Mariupol are aimed at disrupting and destroying our units at the Azovstal plant,” the report said. The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier reported the start of evacuating the steel plant. Accordingly, seriously wounded Ukrainian fighters were removed from the plant and taken to the Russian-controlled territories for medical treatment. Kyiv has not yet commented on these reports, but Reuters news agency employees reported from the scene that twelve buses carrying Ukrainian military personnel had left the Azovstal steel plant.

Sweden decides to join NATO

After Finland, Sweden also decided to apply to join NATO. “We are leaving one era and entering a new era,” Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said in Stockholm. The plan is to submit the application with Finland in the coming days. Earlier this morning, during a debate in Parliament, a majority of the parties voted for membership in the Western Defense Alliance.

Putin threatens northerners

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country will respond to the planned expansion of NATO to include Sweden and Finland. Putin said in Moscow that NATO expansion was a problem. Russia has no problems with the two Nordic countries. But he will respond to expanding the military infrastructure there. In addition, Russia must also bear in mind that NATO wants to expand its global influence.

Erdogan declares veto

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that Turkey will not agree to Sweden’s and Finland’s plans to join NATO. Delegations from either country should not bother going to Turkey to persuade the Turkish government to discuss it for membership.

Hungary demands billions

Meanwhile, Hungary has made billions of dollars in aid from the European Union a prerequisite for agreeing to a planned oil embargo against Russia. In a video message posted on Facebook, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szyjjarto spoke of investments between 15 and 18 billion euros that would be needed for his country to turn its back on Russian oil.

‘More than a photo shoot’: Schulze does not want to travel to Kyiv without a souvenir

Even after the phone call with Putin, Chancellor Olaf Schultz remains deeply concerned about the escalation of the war in Ukraine. “We have to worry that the war will escalate, but that should not paralyze us,” he said on RTL Direct, adding: “We have to be able to make very reasonable and conscious decisions and make very courageous decisions.” Putin is winning the war, that is the goal. But the goals would not go further: that would be completely wrong, given that it is a nuclear power.

Aiming to visit Kyiv, the SPD politician said he didn’t want to just travel to be available to take pictures there. He has already spent several hours on the phone with the Ukrainian president. However, while visiting the site, “it should be important to promote something specifically.” He “doesn’t want to join a group of people who do something for a short time with a photo session. But when they do it, it’s always about very specific things.”

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