A visit to the court of the Great Queen

mountains. I was going to keep it for years – that’s not mine. But now I am a fan, the view is so majestic, the kitchen is so grand, and the nature is so extraordinary. And what trip changed my mind? A trip to Maria Alm in beautiful Hochkönigin.

Even the arrival makes me forget the stress of the past few days. Once I cross the German-Austrian border, the holiday mood is 110 percent. The journey passes through gorgeous valleys, lush meadows, and atmospheric sugar-covered mountain ranges.

Suddenly the valley widened a little and I was in Maria Alm. How often do hotels claim in their ads that you “feel at home” with them. And how many times this is not true! However, the opposite happens here: for the next few days I feel like a real Maria Almer. Shops, pubs, a beautiful church, volunteer firefighters, elementary schools, and valley stations of the mountain railway are just a stone’s throw away. And right in the middle: my hotel.

Jan Malt Andersen

A classic front chalet that has been family owned for generations. Behind: New modern building. With much skill, love and passion, the four big children of the Hörl family have combined tradition and modernity and brought an elegant resort to this idyllic village. After a warm welcome at check-in, I am no longer only Maria Almir, but I also feel like one of the family. Some or any “Hörl” continues to walk your path and gives you a great sense of belonging here.

And this feeling does not apply only to me! Families with children love to vacation here, as do couples. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts are glad that they can reach the slopes of Ski Amadé, one of the largest ski areas in Austria, directly from Hochkönigin. If there is no snow, the hotel is the ideal starting point for hiking and biking trips or trips with children to the nearby summer lifts.

Rooms at Hochkönigin - Mountain Resort

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Anyway, kids! Hochkönig succeeds where many hotels fail. This is a family hotel without dragging guests without children – whether they like it or not – to the “noise level and chicken nuggets in the buffet mix”. If you want it quieter, you can get a table in the separate restaurant area. And if the little ones are bored at the family restaurant, there’s a whole world to climb and wander downstairs. So everyone has something from a successful vacation.

Feeling at home and a bad sleep? It won’t be done together. So yeah, you slept really well! The beds are high quality and the rooms are modern and beautiful: with wooden floors, an easy chair and – best of all – a pure natural cinema in front of the window. From each room, balcony or terrace you can admire the village, the pastures and the magnificent massif of Hochkönig, which lies beyond. And for those who like it: Some rooms have their own sauna or fully private spa area.

You can slide into this pool - we'll tell you where.

high queen

Speaking of the spa: The new rooftop spa on Hochkönigin can be as small as a tiny room. The view through the large windows to pastures and mountains gives you massive volume and gives you a sense of space and freedom in your bathrobe. This is the reason why this wellness area is also called a nature resort. Needless to say, it’s much bigger than just a small room. On an area of ​​2,000 square metres, there are various relaxation areas, eight saunas and four swimming pools, of which the 17-meter infinity-edge pool on the roof offers the most relaxing box seat on the mountains. Anyone over 16 can enter, and there is a separate family spa with an indoor pool for kids. Then perhaps it’s the Adventure Baby Massage for “baby delicate skin,” while dad and mom hope to get baby soft skin back with a Salzburg calf massage or the Hochkönigin Spezial.

Can I go to the spa with a full stomach? Because honestly, it’s almost hard not to own this. I was warned at the first breakfast. I shouldn’t be surprised, the omelettes at Hochkönigin have a slight green undertone. The egg donor hens were also fed green grass. The fact that the owners of Hörl hotels brought four children into the world pays off for the guest when it comes to food. The son runs his own organic farm, and his brother is the chef. Family teamwork that has a positive effect on the palate and palate. Savor quality and freshness, and each evening’s four-course menu gives you the good feeling of tasting at least one or two pieces of Austria.

Jan Malt Andersen fell in love with the mountains - in Austria

Jan Malt Andersen

And here it is really easy to fall in love with Austria. Every day a normal cinema in front of the window. A new movie is made for her every day. Sometimes I’m an extra player, sometimes I’m the lead actor. Look at the result in almost disbelief – with hiking boots on alpine pastures, in the pool on the rooftop or on a mountain bike, while bravely cruising down the flow path (also built for beginners – dad!). Almost directly in front of the Supreme Queen.

And the High Queen, that’s for sure, was not the last time I visited her in court. But on the contrary. I belong! or not?

Entrance to the Supreme Queen of Austria

high queen

More information about the Supreme Queen

The cost of a night at Hotel Die HOCHKÖNIGIN – Mountain Resort is 145 EUR per person. P. the night including breakfast and snack buffet from 2 pm and a 6-course menu in the evening.

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