“Bauer sucht Frau International”: Felix does not want a relationship, Simon is frustrated

“The farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
Felix doesn’t want a relationship, Simon is frustrated

Participant of the “Bauer sucht Frau International” Félix (on RTL and RTL +)

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TV news in GALA tape: “Bauer sucht Frau International”: Simone is frustrated by Félix +++ Ines Lutz’s return to the camera after her exit. “Bergdoktor” +++ “Bares for Bares”: Sven Deutschmanek is surprised by a rare family photo.

2022 TV news in GALA شريط Tape

May 17 2022

“Bauer sucht Frau International”: frustrated Simone at Félix

Félix blank at “Bauer sucht Frau International”: After the first coffee grower sent Monica home to get to know Simon better, his expectant second wife had to go, too – without any prospect of a relationship. The two get along well, but Felix is ​​”still missing something”. He is at an age where you think more than you feel. “Somehow I’m not sure if I’m ready to open up. It all happened too quickly for me.”

Simone agrees, but would have liked to give her a chance. In the interview, she sounded sober: “I’m smiling away now. This is my way of handling things. I always cry myself in the pillow. Of course I’m sad, it hurts.” […] I find this a bit unfair. It’s disappointing, of course.”

When Simon later sat alone in the car and finished Felix’s farewell, tears welled up.

Ines Lutz in front of the camera for “Watzmann Design”.

The finale of “Der Bergdoktor” in March of this year ended with plenty of drama and tears. Ann (Ines Lutz, 38) left crying Martin Gruber (Hans Siegel, 52) with a message. Farewell forever! However, now actress Ines Lutz has enough time to devote herself to other projects.

“New Ways,” the actress wrote in the series at the end of March for an Instagram post showing an office complex. “A story full of secrets was born,” she revealed to her audience. The hashtag “Scenario” hinted at a new role for the actress. It is also now known the project that Ines Lutz handled. As ARD announced in a press release, new episodes of “Designed Watzmann” will be filmed. So, the shooting of the fourth season has begun, which will include a total of 12 new episodes. Since the first episode, Ines Lutz is back. The 38-year-old returns as Joanna Bissell.

Followers had to slowly but surely come to terms with the fact that Ines Lutz would never again return to “Bergdoktor” and unanimously wished the actress “good luck” in her additional roles on Instagram.

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May 16 2022

“Bares for Bares”: a rarity! Sven Deutschmann shows off his children

In “Bares for Rares,” Sven Deutschmann, 45, is one of the candidates. The Art Dealer has been a part of the junk show since season 2, checking out rarities and appreciating the value of finds – all under the watchful eyes of the owners, TV star Horst Lichter, 59, and several cameras. But Sven Deutschmann gives not only everything on TV, but also privately: in his role as a loving father.

On Instagram, the TV star is now giving his fans a rare special insight. Selfie picture shows the 45-year-old with his two young children! While the unwanted expert smiles carelessly for the camera, his descendants are grinning from ear to ear. However, Sven Deutschmann made the little ones’ faces unrecognizable with sunglasses stickers to protect the privacy of his son and daughter.

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Anna Heizer has a lot of interest for her fans

Since the beginning of 2021, “Bauer sucht Frau” star Anna Heizer has been the happy mother of her son. In an Instagram question and answer session, the 31-year-old revealed that Leon shouldn’t be the only child. Even if it’s not a good time for a brother or sister yet. Since then, Anna’s fans have repeatedly confronted her with speculation about another pregnancy. Her latest photo has fueled the rumors once again. Fans thought they could see curves under the floral dress. Now Anna Heizer is taking a stand.

“In my last post, there was a discussion about my stomach and a possible pregnancy. To be honest, I don’t think my stomach is that big in the picture, and even if I did, I don’t see the point of photographing it being smaller because this is not real life,” she wrote along with A shot showing the hands of Anna, Gerald and Leon indicating a bond. Then she said, “I’m not Heidi Klum or Pamela Reeve and I will never have a flat stomach.”

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The immigrant wants to make her fans aware that family planning is a very sensitive issue. She explains, “There are couples who basically don’t want to have children and that’s okay. There are couples who want nothing more than to have a child, but maybe for different reasons it just doesn’t work out.” “Either way, questions about pregnancy can be very annoying and it’s not our place to ask her,” Anna stresses. In her Instagram post, the son’s mother explained: “If I should be pregnant, she’ll find out. However, if we think it’s true and not if I have a picture of a supposedly bigger belly and describe the Namibian winter.”

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