Bayern Munich and the bad mood: the clear words of Hoeneß and Kahn change nothing

Championship celebration
Bad mood in Bayern Munich: Hoeneß and Kahn share and change nothing

Oliver was speaking from the balcony of the City Hall at the Bayern Championship celebration: “Pasta”

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Despite the 10th title in a row, the possible departure of Robert Lewandowski and the anger surrounding Niklas Süle dominate discussions at Bayern Munich. Oliver Kahn and Olly Hoeness are trying in vain to use strong words.

The indoor television station did its best to spread as good a mood as possible to the outside world. FC Bayern TV broadcast the celebration of the tournament from Marienplatz in Munich in the bright sun, but the party didn’t really start, although former pro Claudio Pizarro tried to be the official FC Bayern animator before introducing the players. The fact that the mood at Bayern Munich is rather cold cannot be hidden. Whatever the officials talked about the tenth historic title of the tournament. It still looks like an unsatisfactory season after an early failure in the DFB Cup and elimination in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Bayern’s glorious championship celebration was punctuated by the departure of Robert Lewandowski, who does not wish to extend his contract (it runs until 2023) and appears to accept the offer from FC Barcelona, ​​which offers him three generous years. bypass. Additional anger was caused by Niklas Sule’s refusal to play in the last match in Wolfsburg. Coach Julian Nagelsmann left it up to Süle whether he wanted to go to the first leg or not. All this sparked criticism of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, which has increased in recent days. The accusation: The sporting director does not have a good transfer policy. Süle and Lewandowski are two examples of undesirable developments. Smartly, Salihamidzic also retreated noticeably on the balcony of the town hall to avoid any possible expressions of displeasure with himself. Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that at the team’s celebration, it was said that there were accidental whistles against the sports director.

Uli Hoeness talks about hunting

It became clear that the atmosphere at Bayern Munich was tense when Uli Hoeness spoke. The 70-year-old had something to say on each of the hot topics and was happy to provide the journalists gathered at City Hall with information about his point of view. So Hoeneß confronted Salihamidzic and made a “hunt”. Salihamidzic “is not the only one responsible for the transfer policy”: “The whole club is responsible for it. When we won six titles, I didn’t hear anyone shout: ‘Okay, good! “Now that we haven’t won the Champions League, it’s his responsibility alone. It can’t be that.”

His opinion of Lewandowski: “I am very confident that we will have a good season with Robert Lewandowski,” he said. In order to offer the final conclusion at the end of wisdom: “It’s all about money – and nothing else.”

Like Chancellor Schroeder, CEO Oliver Kahn tried to put his foot in the matter: “We know this kind of warning from the past. It’s not something that worries us. We made the Chancellor an offer. He turned it down. It’s true. The truth is: he has Hold, I’ll fulfill it. Basta!

How difficult this “basta” actually is, remains to be seen. If Barcelona offers enough transfer fees, Lewandowski must go despite the blatant advertisements. Khan was also quoted by the DPA: “Now you just have to take your time and see how things develop.” This doesn’t seem too strict anymore. Marienplatz supporters declared their opinion and chanted “Lewa Bleb”.

Süle’s condition is good as a measure of Bayern’s mood

Süle’s condition has also contributed to the motivational mood in the past few days and weeks. Hoeneß on the national player’s decision not to play the Wolfsburg match: “If he spoke of his appreciation, I would say that he does not appreciate the club. I found this work disastrous,” Hoeneß said.

Background: Süle was not originally included in the squad because Nagelsmann wanted to give the younger players a chance in the last game. It was not good for Sule, who said goodbye to Borussia Dortmund. After Marcel Sabitzer was injured, the place became free for Sully. Nagelsmann did not give instructions and gave the International the freedom to decide whether he wanted to come or not. Sully refused.

Salihamidzic is also blamed for the departure of supporter Sule. Sule refused to extend the contract, likely because Bayern were not willing to accede to his salary demands. This is how Süle goes in strife. This is also a dampening factor for mood after the mild season.

sources: DPA, “Image”, “Spox”

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