Chelsea Davy: The former Prince Harry is said to have married

Chelsea Davy
The former Prince Harry is said to have married

Chelsea Davy

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NEWS ON THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY IN THE GALA TAPE: Ex-Prince Harry Chelsea Davy reportedly married +++ Queen Elizabeth had violated her rule – but no one noticed +++ David Armstrong-Jones was spotted in the arms of a new woman.

Royal News 2022 in the GALA tape

May 17 2022

Prince Harry’s ex-Chelsea Davy is said to have married

Chelsea Davey, 36, the former girlfriend of Prince Harry, 37, is said to have married her hotelier boyfriend Sam Cutmore Scott, 37. Like Harry, Sam Catmore-Scott was at Eton College. He is also the brother of actor Jack Catmore Scott, 35, known for films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Tenet.

Little is known about the relationship itself, and neither Chelsea nor Sam have talked about it in public. In 2020, Chelsea revealed in an interview with Tatler magazine: “Yes, there is someone.” She was “very impressed” with this person, but didn’t want to reveal anything else because the whole thing was “too new”. But journalist Richard Eden of the Daily Mail claims to have learned from a friend: “They are married. Very few people know about the wedding.” Chelsea and Sam are said to have had a baby since March 2022.

Chelsea Davy and Prince Harry’s relationship became known in 2004. With a break, the two were a couple until 2010. Apparently there was no resentment after the split. In May 2018, Chelsea was a guest at the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, 40.

May 16 2022

Queen Elizabeth deviated from royal protocol at her anniversary celebrations

Queen Elizabeth, 96, turned heads over the weekend when she attended “A Gallop Through History” as part of her jubilee. The king was in a very good and healthy mood. But although the 96-year-old was the center of attention, one detail remained almost invisible. And how the Queen broke her rule.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth considers it rude for guests to put on their make-up in front of the King at a party. If the guest feels the need to touch up lipstick or freshen blush, then this should be done in the bathroom – this is what royal protocol dictates. Exactly against this specially established rule, Queen Elizabeth has now broken herself. Shot showing Guardian subtly touching her lipstick at the action while watching the show.

Queen Elizabeth during the event

Queen Elizabeth at the ‘Gallup Through History’ event

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However, no one blames her for that. On the contrary: it shows the king in a wonderful moment of realism.

David Armstrong-Jones: Queen Elizabeth’s nephew was spotted dating in London

Apparently, David Armstrong-Jones, 60, has a new woman by his side. The son of Princess Margaret, 71, appeared alongside classmate Isabel de la Breuer at the weekend without any shame. Pictures available to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” show that the Earl of Snowdon is happily rejoicing next to the native French woman. Armstrong-Jones has not yet officially confirmed this relationship, but he did not hide his love for his beautiful companion on the streets of London.

First, they were said to have wandered through the posh Belgravia region. Then the Earl of Snowdon and Isabel de la Breuer were seen eating together. “They seemed happy to see them together and they had no worries in the world,” a passerby told the Daily Mail. Isabel de la Bruyere is Director of Christie’s Property Auctions in London. David Armstrong-Jones also works for the company, serving as President Emeritus.

The 60-year-old nephew of the king announced his separation from his wife Serena in 2020. The couple have been married for 27 years. With Isabelle de La Bruyere, David Armstrong-Jones shows himself again with a partner by his side for the first time.

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