Former Attorney General Sturm presents a book on the reasons for leaving

Publishing house Herder said Monday that the 47-year-old former head of the diocese and vice-Bishop Karl-Heinz Weisman presented “no accounts, but the relentless balance sheet and admission of failure, including personal.” Freiburg. The book is titled “I Have to Get Out of This Church” and is due for release on June 15.

Converting to the old catholic church

The book is about Sturm’s amazing move that “will change the church,” as stated in the book. A liberal Catholic theologian resigned from all church offices last Friday and announced his withdrawal from the Catholic Church. He also announced that he would become a priest in the ancient Catholic Church, which rejects the Pope as the supreme authority and allows women to be ordained priests. With the blessing of same-sex couples, Sturm, who has been vicar-general of the Diocese of Speyer since 2018, opposed the Vatican in Rome. He also called for an end to the celibacy of Catholic priests and the ordination of women to priestesses.

The publisher has now published central paragraphs from the book in a press release, which should provide information on the reasons for Sturm’s resignation. His reform proposals could transform the Catholic Church and make it fit for the future, but without him, it is said.

There is no hope for change in the Church

The former attorney general admitted: “I have to get out of this church because I want to save my faith. Because I want to stay human.” Sturm was one of the most powerful churchmen in Germany and increasingly became the face of a Church capable of reform.

According to the publisher, Beacon of Hope no longer hoped to change his church, and therefore acted constantly with his resignation. In doing so, he speaks from the heart of hundreds of thousands of people and shows all the grievances of the Church from the perspective of the theologian who was at the top of the hierarchy. A spokeswoman for the Evangelical Press Service on Monday was unable to provide any further information about the book the publisher is currently working on “under high pressure.”

Thank you to the Catholics in the diocese

The Catholics of the Diocese of Speyer thanked Andreas Sturm for his work. The diocese’s board of directors stressed Monday that Sturm has advanced issues and advocates for dealing with abuse and gender justice. “We can understand the reasons for the resignation, yet we regret that we no longer have a humane defender standing by our side as a modern church as a companion in arms,” ​​the parish assembly said.

The Catholic Council also expressed its regret on Monday. Sturm’s transition to the old Catholic Church appears authentic. The situation of the Catholic Church questions the possibility of changing the structures. The German Catholic Youth League (BDKJ) in the Palatinate was also concerned. With Sturm go advocate for the modern, people-oriented church.

wrestled with resignation for a year and a half

In an interview with “Mannheimer Morgen” (Tuesday), Sturm said he has struggled with his resignation for a year and a half. There were a number of reasons responsible for this. “The abuse was a big issue,” said Karl-Heinz Wiesmann, former head of the administration and deputy bishop of Speyer.

Presenting the findings of the MHG study in September 2018, Sturm said, “shattered his worldview.” “I’ve always assumed there was abuse in the church, but the fact that the rate of cases is so high compared to the community as a whole, seeing how hard it is to deal with the church, was a strong criterion.”

He also struggled with women in the Catholic Church. “I think we always try to talk about it,” Sturm said. “Jesus did not only call men. We reject women’s calls.” There is a lot of theological research in this field. “Instead, we keep making parishes bigger because we think they can only be single men.”

The relationship is not relevant at this time

And this brings us to the third topic, celibacy, the obligatory celibacy of priests. “Can’t married men and men living with a man also be accepted?” asked Sturm. He himself violated celibacy, Sturm admitted.

“But first of all I hurt people, and I’m so sorry about it later.” The 47-year-old added that he could see being in a relationship very satisfying. “But that’s not important at this point.”

When asked why he had converted to Old Catholics and not Protestants, the former Attorney General replied: “I appreciate Protestants very much, but I miss the liturgical structure there. I don’t need much incense at all, but every now and then I am happy to do so. I am very Catholic. .”

The ancient Catholic churches emerged at the end of the 19th century through splits from the Roman Catholic Church. This step was taken in protest of the fundamental decisions of the First Vatican Council (1869/70). There he obligatedly declared papal infallibility in matters of faith and custom. In addition, the council placed the supreme authority of the Pope in the Church. Old Catholics wanted to break with the new faith, which they saw as a break with the old traditions of faith.

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