How does the Metas Metaverse work against Roblox and Minecraft & Co.?

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According to one report, Horizon Worlds from Meta Social VR world has been successfully launched. or not?

US technology portal The Verge reported last week that Horizon has 300,000 monthly active users. Three months ago the number was 30,000.

Meta combines its own Metaverse platforms under the brand horizon together or together. In addition to the most famous project, Horizon Worlds, there is the event app Horizon Venues, the meeting app Horizon Workrooms, and the still-in-development Horizon Home, a virtual home where you can invite other avatars. All of them are currently only accessible in virtual reality.

The number of the dead has little meaning

Meta confirmed to The Verge that 300,000 users of Horizon worlds and horizon places Include without specifying proportions. This raises questions.

Horizon Venues has been on the market since summer 2020, while Horizon Worlds opened its doors at the beginning of December 2021 only to citizens of the USA and Canada. It’s possible that Meta wants to exaggerate the number of users by taking both VR apps into account.

Second Life Wagner expert James Au estimates that the much-advertised Foo Fighters party on Horizon Venues alone could attract 100,000 users overnight.

More important than just user numbers is how often and extensively Horizon Worlds is actually used. If a third of users attended a concert once a month, they wouldn’t do much for the platform. information about Daily Active Users It would be more obvious, but not mentioned by Meta.

2D metaverses are (much!) much bigger

How much is 300,000 monthly users compared to other Metaverse platforms? James Au wrote on Twitter that approximately 300,000 people experience a twenty-year-old’s Second Life every month. It is likely that a few of them will become active users.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Character

Play Fortnite and Co. In a completely different league, also because it’s easier to access. | Photo: epic

Au estimates the total user base of Metaverse-like platforms to be at least 500 million. The strongest representatives are Roblox (210 million), Minecraft (160 million) and Fortnite (60 million).

However, the comparison with Second Life and Co. Unfair, these are 2D platforms that, unlike Horizon Worlds, do not need VR glasses. A smartphone is sufficient in most cases.

So how does Horizon Worlds compare to VR-ready Metaverse platforms Rick’s room And VRChat?


This is how a virtual reality contest works

Rec Room had over 1 million active VR users per month in early 2021, but it’s been around since 2016 (since 2019 in Meta Quest) and has had time to evolve. In recent years, Rec Room has expanded to 2D platforms and is now available for computers, consoles, and smartphones. Au values ​​user base across platforms Three to five million a month.

VRChat was launched in 2017, and does not publish monthly user numbers. However, it is known that the platform set a new record for simultaneous active Steam users on New Year’s Day 2021, i.e. nearly 90,000. That’s on par with the top ten SteamVR games and more than Second Life has ever done.

Like Rec Room, VRChat is available in a 2D version. According to the service provider, about 30 to 50 percent of users have used the app with VR goggles in the past, which is a significant percentage. VRChat has a VR version for PC and a mobile version for Meta Quest (2). Since costs and usage efforts are lower with self-contained VR goggles, most VR users must sign in via Quest.

Horizon Worlds just started

Rec Room and VRChat are much more successful than Horizon Worlds. You can see that in the number of reviews in Quest Store: Rec Room currently has 15,000 reviews, VRChat has 11,000. Both are among the top ten rated VR apps. Horizon Worlds has only 700 reviews.

This is also due to the fact that less than three months have passed since the launch of the Meta platform and that only North American users are allowed. Since all content is user generated, Metaverse platforms take a long time to condense.

That’s why you shouldn’t overestimate 300,000. Horizon Worlds is still in beta and, according to the first test reports, doesn’t have much to offer in terms of content.

Manga avatars dancing in the VRChat virtual club.

Rec Room offers great community gaming, VRChat diversity and great opportunities for expression. Horizon Worlds still has a lot to catch up with on both counts. | Photo: VRChat

What’s more important to Horizon Worlds is what’s in The coming months and years Happen or occur. With Quest 2, Meta controls by far the most successful VR platform and has almost unlimited money (ads), which will be a huge advantage in the long run. But only when Horizon Worlds hits the quality of Rec’s room and variety of VRChat will Meta be able to catch up with the competition.

The launch outside North America shouldn’t be long in the future, as well as the two-dimensional expansion of smartphones Mark Zuckerberg announced for this year. In terms of the user base, there is huge potential for growth if the Meta learns from moderation errors and poorly structured VR events.

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