Hüfingen: Drawing the future with sticky notes: 100 Hüfingers participate in urban development

As soon as they entered the hall, the visitors participated. They were given sticky points that they could use to mark their region and age group. They were also asked if they had already participated in the first future dialogue.

“Connection is very important and is being practiced here.” Xaver Wolfsteiner (64), chef of Hüfingen | Photo: Lutz Rademacher

About 100 citizens followed Hüfingen’s call to actively participate in politics in the second Hüfinger Future Dialogue. In this way, many suggestions and wishes came together again, which will be evaluated in the next few days.

Very few young people with us

The participants came mainly from the heart of the city, most of them had already participated in the first edition in 2018, most of them were between 30 and 60 years old. Moderator Dennis Braunbarth was satisfied with the participation, only the proportion of young people who were personally contacted left much to be desired.

In the stands, participants can get information and express their opinions.

In the stands, participants can get information and express their opinions. | Photo: Lutz Rademacher

The focus was on the themes of ‘Aquarie’, ‘Live and Build’, ‘Nature and the Environment’ and ‘Youth and Children’. And in some kind of market, various stalls were set up on the subjects, on which experts of city employees worked. Here, citizens can inform themselves, discuss and also contribute their own suggestions.

“I think the evening is an occasion to take part in making decisions, but I would have liked more open-ended questions to have more freedom.” Mette Unal (24 years old), student and paramedic, Hofingen | Photo: Lutz Rademacher

Repeatedly, however, paintings were created in which the opinion was given with the help of sticky dots, but also paintings in which one could express one’s opinion or desires with sticky notes.

The white wall is used a lot

There was also a so-called white wall in the hallway, where one could make contributions on topics that were not on the agenda that evening. This has been widely used. The most important results of a survey conducted earlier were also displayed in the lobby, which can be viewed in detail here.

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Before that, Mayor Kollmeier looked back at the Hüfinger Future Dialogue. There was a lot of positive feedback, and above all things continued after the evening.

“I think it’s great that something can be done for young people and that you can also get involved.” Benjamin Vogel (16 years old), student, Hofingen | Photo: Lutz Rademacher

There was an evaluation in which each suggestion was documented. In December 2018, the list of measures was submitted to the City Council, which is still being updated and processed today.

A number of topics have been implemented

Several projects have been implemented. For example, he named the Schaffhauserstrasse bike path, an obstacle-free pedestrian crossing on the main street, a new iteration of bus traffic, and new bike paths.

preliminary work

Tempo 30 has also been implemented in Mundelfingen, Lucian Reich school conversion, additional care week during the holidays, additional decentralization offerings at the day care center, in-house development with government subsidies and new building areas in Mundelfingen, Behla and Hohen.

“I think the event is great, but I would have liked more participation from the citizens.” Ulrika Reiner (64), office worker, Mundelfingen | Photo: Lutz Rademacher

first results

Among other things, the topics were safe way to school, youth room remodeling, collaboration between local music clubs, building areas in the city area and in the heart of the city, development of rentals, values ​​for the property in relation to property tax reform, future development in the basin, vital networks , the timber industry.

Dog droppings and litter are a nuisance

Legacies such as litter or dog droppings are a very sensitive topic. Citizens’ contributions to the topics will be carefully analyzed by the city over the next few days and, as with the first future dialogue, will serve as a guide for subsequent measures.

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