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Today I would like to present to you Dennis Bernadette Free’s book In Search of Prince Charming.

At the end of the ’80s, Vivian Zeller, the mother of a teen and in an unhappy relationship, realized that she had achieved a lot in a career that she could be proud of. Yet she is fighting for her destiny. Though fictitious, she yearns for what she sees as the perfect man, Prince Charming, who loves her passionately and cares for her. Six months after her thirty-fifth birthday, her life changes abruptly after her supervisor Konrad Koch unexpectedly encounters a family drama and continues to desperately seek help from her, which he cannot find in his family. Months later, the two fall in love, and against all odds, Vivienne enters into a romantic love affair that leads to a community scandal. Conrad, driven by a twinge of conscience, can’t choose a side and swings back and forth between lover and family.

However, the two cannot stay away from each other and a dependency develops, from which Vivienne desperately tries to free herself. She is even willing to put her career on the line for this. On the recommendation of friends, she seeks in-depth explanations in psychological and vedic astrology, from a medium from England and a businessman who converted to Buddhism and went to work as a spiritual coach. Although Vivian’s spiritual horizons develop through these experiences, they do not solve the problem of her unfulfilled love. She imagines herself over and over into an inescapable nightmare. When she embarks on psychological training, she is first reminded: “Before this love has a real chance in the future, we must be ready to free ourselves from our acquired life plans.

We must have the courage to let go of familial, religious and social constraints! “

Nosy? Would you like to take a look inside the book or talk to the author about the book’s challenges? I’d be happy to book a review copy for you and connect with the author!

About the book:

In Search of the Prince of Fairytales by Denise Bernadette Frei, 316 pages, €13.99, ISBN: 9783347334496, hardcover: ISBN 9783749794010, €21.99, e-book: ASIN B095X2QTYJ, €599

About the author:

Dennis B. Frey has been living with her family in Upper Lake Zurich in Switzerland since 1982. She grew up on Lake Constance in a conservative Catholic family of politicians, who was supposed to shape her for the rest of her life. Interest in world politics as well as religious spirituality and, above all, non-religious spirituality has remained to this day.

Her career has diversified from a young age, but people have always been the focus of her activities. Be it during her first training in nursing, and later in Christian education, or as a human resource manager in various companies, or as an adult educator or in training the unemployed. She has been working since 2003 as a freelance life coach. In management consulting, you’ve specialized in supporting employee turnover processes or generational changes. In addition, she has worked for years as a leadership advisor at a government training center and from 2005 to the present day as a driving exam expert.

The focus of her consultancy is mainly on the mental development of her clients. In addition to individual psychological findings according to Alfred Adler and diverse experiences from more than 25 years of practice in leadership positions in human resources, she works as a supporter – numerology and color therapy according to Aura-Soma.

Since 2010 she has dedicated herself to writing. The stories in her books are real, entertaining, easy to understand and encourage readers to look at their lives not only from a psychological and social point of view, but above all from a holistic perspective. Their stories are not only for entertainment, but also open up new horizons.

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