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Johann Gottfried von Herder once said that “a man is only a man through language”. Language is a cultural identity and an expression of personality. It is a means of communication and self-representation. It is an expression of domination and rebellion. It shapes circles, regions, and generations. Hardly any other generation has turned language upside down like this generation GenYAnd no roof – There are reasons for that.

GenY entered the chat

I still vividly remember the first time I connected to this internet. Yes, dear kids, we had to go online early and we also thought for a moment that the internet was on an AOL CD, times were different, okay? We are the first generation to grow up with the Internet, and this has had a lasting impact on our social and linguistic behaviour. First of all, it got us more excited about the English language than any Green Line book could have done. Nothing makes you learn English faster than searching Limewire for helpful downloads of your songs or trying to find merchandise on your Spice Girls fan page. We are also the generation that, thanks to torrent servers and Netflix, prefer watching original English series and movies. So we naturally assimilated Dinglish, it is in fact our mother tongue. In addition to English terms, we’ve also taken something else from the online world to the offline world: online slang. laughing loudlyAnd ruffleAnd In my humble opinionAnd For your informationAnd I don’t know What was originally hidden in the dark depths of WoW chat rooms and forums has found its way into the everyday language of our generation. In general, abbreviations are a kind of kA, we do not like to waste time on long explanations, for us the language should be efficient and compact. We have an outright sensitivity to formalities and clichés, which are still popular with baby-boomers. Constant struggle, especially in practical life.

One does not simply use tear smileys

And sometimes we don’t even need words to carry on a full conversation because thanks to the internet we’ve discovered another means of communication for us: memes. Memes are something like our love language, we just want to send them to friends, family members, partners and sometimes even develop them into our own little social influencer. Perhaps our generation’s first analog meme was the mythical “S” we all wrote in math notebooks (there are no true Millennials who don’t know what I’m talking about). Digitally, everything then took on entirely new dimensions. Every millennial will know what I mean when I say the following terms: Arson Girl, Boromir, Distracted Boyfriend, Crazy Girlfriend, Grumpy Cat. Memes are our characters, our Esperanto, they operate outside the boundaries of language and milieu. This type of nonverbal communication is surrounded by another phenomenon of written digital language, the emoji. We used to write 🙂 and 🙁 and :* in our SMS to express teenage wild feelings. Or we sent each other the FUBAR smile or the moon symbol on Skype until Microsoft blocked them for youth protection reasons. With the advent of messaging services, Boomers are on Especially crazy about emojis that’s why now we have to download Aunt Rinat’s Seven Tears Smileys on Whatsapp squatRenate.

Between Humboldt and Hoso

For us millennials, language is a fluid thing, transcending borders and media, verbally and visually. Class differences and environmental boundaries also fade linguistically in my generation, we’re happy to throw high academic language alongside outrageous street slang. In my generation it is wonderful to express yourself in the most vulgar way, even in the educated class, and in some cases this is true: the higher the prestige, the sloppy the way of expression. Explain this tendency with our consistent refusal to become boring adults, perhaps that’s why we like to stick to the rough language of youth, it’s our gesture to distance ourselves from Jenks And Boomers. But we not only harass the older generations with Denglish, rock bottom, and Internet slang, but also with our obtrusive way of making the language more inclusive and less discriminatory.

fight – beliefs

I wake up Is the key word: In recent years, our generation has made a significant contribution to the decades-old prohibition of racism, sexism and foul language in the language. At least the older of us grew up in the times when the N-word was being yelled at in nearly every schoolyard, our childhoods still shaped by the sexual stereotypes of the 80s and 90s. Here, too, we take a principled position. Then in the early 2000s, as we began to grow, we became increasingly concerned about the language we use and the reality it creates. And at least a large portion of us have stopped using sexual jargon, anti-disability language, and racial slurs. We campaigned online, in universities and in the workplace for language to reflect gender diversity – and Frederick Merz was terribly upset about it. Nice. In the wake of major social movements and debates such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo, millennials in particular have broken with old language patterns and declared war on language discrimination. We were old enough to know better and young enough to want it differently.

How are you guys kids?

The language of the millennium is open, it’s chaotic, it’s defining and challenging (#OkBoomer) blurs the boundaries between layers and styles, the analog and digital world (which will be expressed more in GenZ). Since we were the younger generation at the start of Web 2.0 and the most important target group for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Reddit, we were able to radically distribute our language patterns all over the world, the WWW was our dictionary. I’ve also found myself saying words like for a while now litAnd family or drip Use it and feel like a Steve Buscemi meme. GenZ has grabbed the new mace and carried it with dignity, TikTok works like a fire accelerator. Perhaps they will also be able to make the language more inclusive. And hopefully you’ll continue to be old, and heterosexual Commonwealth of Independent States– To annoy men. That would be real Gucci.

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