Longer holidays: the school minister wants to make up for the loss

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has decided to extend the Christmas holidays due to the pandemic. The carnival holiday can be canceled for this.

  • who – which North Rhine-Westphalia he have Christmas holiday Officially extended this year: Students say goodbye during DCorona pandemic So two days earlier than originally planned for the holidays.
  • This is a must though for families aura As carefree as possible birthday party become possible. NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet has already been open to ‘Before quarantine“.
  • At the request of the SPD and the Greens, there will be a current hour in plenum, the state government should explain its position.

At NRW, face-to-face classes begin before the end of Christmas earlier than previously planned. Therefore, the last school day before the holiday is the 18th, not the 22nd of December. “The state government will implement the pre-quarantine proposal,” NRW School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) said Wednesday night.

Now she wants to clarify organizational issues: “It is important that we now discuss how failure can be compensated professionally – especially for those who will graduate next year,” NRW School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) said Thursday at WDR. “How can we ensure emergency care of children and young people on these days for parents of systematically related professions; for children who cannot be cared for at home on these days” should also be discussed.

The state government shall explain its position at the present hour in the state parliament

The surprise announcement of the Christmas holiday earlier in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has repercussions in the state parliament on Friday: at the request of the SPD and the Green Party, there will be a current hour in the plenum, the state government should explain its position. .

“The decision that surprised parents, teachers and students as well as Parliament” raised “more urgent questions,” according to parliamentary blocs in the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party. In addition, the state government’s decision on the early start of the holiday season on Wednesday in plenary has not yet been announced as final – Gebauer did so in the WDR.

Parents and teachers have mixed reactions to the past Christmas holidays

The decision was met with mixed reactions from teachers and parents. “This is an interesting consideration,” said Stefan Bihlau, president of the Consortium for Education and Training (VBE), this editorial team. Pre-quarantine aims to reduce the risk of infected students infecting their grandparents on holidays. Lower Saxony pursues similar plans.

NRW is considering canceling the school holidays carried over at the carnival as compensation. Intense attention is also paid to ’emergency care’ in the days leading up to Christmas. The school minister announced that she will be speaking to teachers, students and parents associations in the near future.

VBE sees the previous quarantine as an opportunity to reduce contacts before Christmas and “give schools a little bit of peace and quiet”. “Two days off before Christmas gives you a few days to reduce your risk of infection,” said Franz Josef Kahlen of the state High School Parents Association Board of Directors.

“Planning Security for the Holidays”

In principle, long-term determination is a good thing, “because it brings security planning for the holidays and the travel and tourism industry.” However, pre-quarantine must now also be supported pedagogically.

According to the head of the teachers’ union in North Rhine-Westphalia, Andreas Bartsch, the decision is premature. “Depending on the state of the infection, virologists must then assess whether this makes sense,” he said. In addition, it is not certain whether the students will go into quarantine during this time.

On the other hand, Landesparentschaft board member for NRW Grammar Schools, Dieter Cohenen, said: “Essentially, this long-term determination is good because it brings planning safety for public holidays and for the travel and tourism industry.” However, it must be clarified where the extra two days of vacation will come.

Well-known virologist Christian Drosten described the “prior-quarantine principle” as a “good idea” weeks ago. According to the doctor, it should start about a week before the family visit with grandma and grandpa.

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The NRW State Education and Science Consortium (GEW) is also skeptical: In terms of class work and exams, pre-quarantine schools are facing organizational problems, she said. Anke Staar of the Parents’ Conference in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is afraid of the same. In GEW’s view, pre-quarantine is above all an admission that the risk of infection in schools is increasing.

Coronavirus in NRW: School expert warns of ‘chaos’

SPD expert Jochen Ott accused the state government of creating “chaos” in the debate.

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