Lucien Favre, Daniel Farke and Andre Breitnerretter under surveillance

Coach in the examination of Borussia
Three candidates for Gladbach and the active factor

In the end, of course, it could also be “Mister X”. But the names of Lucien Favre, Daniel Farke and Andre Breitnerretter are the most compelling when it comes to the search for a coach at Borussia. How appropriate is the intended path? What does the answer also have to do with Pep Guardiola?

Borussia is looking for a coach. Things did not go well with Adi Hütter as hoped, and now coach Roland Virkus and head scout Steffen Korell are looking for a coach to follow and shape the new Gladbach path. Since Hütter’s farewell should have been categorized as longer than possible, Borussia seemed out of the market early on. “Scouting should always be done, and you have to be prepared,” Ferkus says. The status of Hotter’s successor shall be clarified by the general meeting on 30 May.

Profile personly It ended with the legalization of Prussia football. Thus also with a clear focus of the concept of playing on the coach. In the future, that shouldn’t mean anymore that players who fit football have to be brought in with Rose or Hutter, but those coaches come who fit in with Gladbach’s style.

Manager Roland Virkus defines it this way: “Borussia is a team that plays football. “Not only do they have the ball, they also play gravity,” says the 55-year-old. “Borussia wants to play football that represents Borussia again.” The new boss should represent this. It can be assumed that this does not come from the RB universe like Rose and Hütter recently.

Stability will also be an important factor, good organization, the ability to do something with the ball and, although nothing more than a key element, moments of pressure. One could say Manchester City more than Liverpool FC, and Pep Guardiola City shows that half-yard crosses and headers can be a stylistic tool, in short: it’s about the upgraded version of ‘Borussia Barcelona’. Against this background, we take a closer look at three candidates currently being named.

Lucien Favre (64, without a club) The Swiss resurrected Borussia and then led them into a new world, to allow them to play the football that stunned Europe, around tiki-taka, which was the Lower Rhine version of the Barcelona style developed by Guardiola. What Favre left behind is the basis of everything that has made Gladbach great since 2011. But what happened back then shouldn’t be the norm when it comes to Favre 2.0, you have to look ahead. Favre would be the right person to herald the next Gladbach era.

At Nice and Dortmund, he has adapted his style to the needs of contemporary football. Favre suits the “Gladbach method” as a do-it-yourself developer. Borussia needs that now. And one that brings stability to curb the flow of targets against him. Favre is a master at it. His football is attractive too, but it’s just amazing, which is nothing fancy.

Daniel Varkey (45, no club) Favre’s name makes Gladbach fans dream of ‘Borussia Barcelona’ again. When the term was born, the Barcelona coach’s name was Guardiola – with which to build a bridge without buckling for Farc. Born in Westphalia, and developing a stellar reputation at Norwich City for over four years, Guardiola came out as a football fan, the two even sharing a friendship. The Norwich FARC formed attractive football in ways that were not extravagant by English standards.

“There is an approach to press and to be good at substitutions. On the other hand, our idea is to be creative while in possession. We will always be unhappy when the opposition has possession,” Fark once said. So he brings the activity factor with it. Fark led Norwich twice to Premier League Current Borussia professionals are probably happy to read that he often uses the 4-2-3-1 method Varkey is free only because he terminated his contract with Krasnodar in February after the Russian attack on Ukraine – without having coached a single match.

Andre Breitenreiter (48, Zurich) Winning the title with Zurich is the biggest surprise in Europe. In the previous season, the former Favre club had just saved itself from relegation, and now Breitenreiter has led an almost unchanged team to the top. The Lower Saxon was out of work for a long time after he left Hannover 96, and for a sad reason, too: Breitnerreiter’s mother died first, and then he took care of his boob father. “I’ve worked successfully on every stop. He recently told Sport Bild about his reputation as a coach that, for various reasons, wasn’t always seen as such. Promotion with SC Paderborn, fifth with FC Schalke, promotion with Hannover – he can already claim So for himself.

Despite the attractiveness of Breitenreiter’s style of play with FCZ, the title should provide a small caveat: Zurich showed impressive efficiency, the goal difference was 75:41, according to the expected goals should be 59:48. There is a high probability that the bubble of success will quickly burst again.

Here is the photo gallery: These coaches could become Hütter’s successors in Borussia

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