Operation begins in Potsdam: baby nearly shakes to death – Potsdam

Potsdam – The allegations against Matthias B are serious: He is said to have shaken a five-and-a-half-month-old baby so badly that the boy is now severely disabled. Since Monday, the man born in 1987 has had to appear in Potsdam County Court. But according to his lawyer, he has so far denied the allegations, and after reading the indictment, the Potsdam man has remained silent about the act he is accused of.

The alleged incident took place in a difficult social environment, where drug use seemed to be part of everyday life. According to the prosecutor, the accused B. With the child on October 28, 2020 in his apartment in the prefab Druitz as the adoptive father of his dear friend, who was homeless and unemployed at the time and did not even know the name of the biological father in court.

But because investigators felt the defendant was overwhelmed by the situation, he shook the child until he stopped sobbing. Prosecutors are sure that the man, himself the father of a school-aged daughter, accepted serious injuries and even the death of the girl. Shortly thereafter, the child showed the first signs of serious injury, reportedly when the attempted manslaughter complaint was read.

The child had to have surgery

However, Matthias B. Then some alarm calls, as well as with the biological mother – who has been on drugs since the night before. Finally, the boy’s grandmother, who was also involved, arranged for the child to be taken to the Ernst von Bergmann clinic, where an emergency operation followed. The infant had to be intubated and ventilated. The indictment already describes the long-term damage to the child: he is visually impaired or severely blind, and hearing loss has also been diagnosed. According to the investigators, it is unclear whether the baby will learn to crawl or not.

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On the first day of the trial, the mother of the abused boy testified, among other things, describing her already difficult living conditions. Her first daughter, who was born about seven years ago, was taken from her by the Youth Welfare Office. She lost her old apartment after breaking up with her ex-partner in 2018. Since then she has been sleeping here and there, and still does today. The day before the alleged crime, she officially moved in with the accused, her “best friend” at the time – even if he was most likely hoping for an affair, as she called her.

Youth Welfare Office issued conditions

After the son was born, the youth welfare office was contacted several times a week. She said the Child Protection Authority had also requested that the new apartment be made child-friendly, which had also been planned. The defendant always said “we can do it,” she remembers. On another point in her statement, which was not always without contradictions, the mother also said that her “best friend” was sometimes aggressive when he was in a bad mood.

The police extracted from their WhatsApp history that she often tried to obtain cannabis while he was always trying to get her justice, perhaps in the hope of establishing a relationship. In court, she said she always trusted him 100 percent. The evening before the day of the crime, she drove to another man to get the wall paint he had promised to renew. According to the statement, the whole thing likely took longer, as amphetamines and ecstasy were involved.

Shock call at noon

The next day around 11:30 a.m., the accused called her to tears and told her that her son was fine. Then the grandmother drove to the hospital and then passed on the horrific news that the son had to have an emergency operation, possibly after a severe jerk.

The mother was also arrested that evening, and was also suspected in the meantime. The woman said she had only seen her son again since then, crying. The Youth Welfare Office put him in care, and he is still receiving treatment. Another eight days of negotiations for the trial are scheduled until July 7.

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