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Where fashion used to be sold, young people can now try out the crafts themselves at the forum: like Hadi Al-Khatib (right), trying his hand at woodwork at Tatcraft’s new pop-up shop. © Monica Belish

Sawdust is flying as Hadi Al-Khatib works boldly on a piece of wood with a large planer. It’s clearly fun for him and has a constant momentum. The 20-year-old is one of the first to try out carpentry and carpenter’s station at the new “Tatkraft” pop-up shop at the Hanau Forum. “It is great to gain new experiences here and to get a taste of jobs,” Hadi Al-Khatib says.

Hanau – For ten weeks, until July 30, 13 guilds will display their trade in a special way on the top floor of the Forum on an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. Idea: Young people should be able to lend a helping hand directly at individual stations. For example, a piece of pavement can be paved, tiles can be glued to the wall, hairdressing techniques can be tried on wigs and the task in the washbasin is to insert the drain pipe correctly.

And if someone is really passionate about a career, they will be given a list of coaching companies that are currently looking for a freshman. Like Hadi Al-Khatib, who is looking for a job where he can really get down to business and work hard.

According to district craftsman Martin Guttmann, three women have acquired the pop-up store: Heike Hengster, CEO of the employment agency in Hanau, Nicole Lobos, managing director of the District Craftsmen’s Association, and Erika Schulte, a business promoter in the city of Hanau. Hengster: “With this new format, we want to bring businesses and young people together personally.” In his opening speech, Gottman emphasized that it’s not just about exciting trainees about companies and careers. “It’s also a societal mission.”

At the opening: Heike Hengster (right) from the recruitment agency is one of the makers of
At the opening: Heike Hengster (right) of the recruitment agency is one of the creators of “Activity”. © Monica Belish

The transmission of energy can only be achieved by craftsmen who can insulate roofs, create photovoltaic systems or repair electric cars. Guttmann, like Lord Mayor Klaus Kaminsky, emphasized that there are ample opportunities for young people in skilled occupations. Gottman: “It’s never been a good time to do something professionally in the trade.”

For Kaminsky, the ‘Activity’ approach fits with the city’s overall concept of sustainable revitalization of the city center with innovative ideas and campaigns. “Young people are out in the forum, where we pick them up.” The mayor emphasized: “Crafts are the future.” He thanked the organizers for the quick implementation, as the idea of ​​doing “the activity” was just beginning at the end of January.

13 handicraft guilds provide practical insights into job descriptions at their stations in
Thirteen craft guilds provide practical insights into job descriptions at their stations in the Activity. © Monica Belish

With the support of many people, the shop where the vaccination center was last located became the scene of the craft. It should not only address young people. Parents must be persuaded, too. Janet Kratz faced this. “Many parents still have prejudices and negative stereotypes about skilled occupations,” says the head of the Hanau site at the Fischer & Klimesch Training Center. Kratz opened the opening of “Activity” with a group of young people and colleagues. The lecturers liked the stations which sparked their curiosity about the professions. “Here, young people can literally pick up something,” says lecturer Andreas Biebler.

They discover what are the advancement and salary opportunities in skilled occupations. It is impressive: an electrician earns about 1,000 euros in the last year of training, and a construction worker earns 1,475 euros. School classes can now register for visits. Special campaigns for specific professions are also planned. In the meantime, Hadi Al-Kateb removes the sawdust he produced. A young man with great energy.

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Activity: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Classes and school groups are asked to register by phone at 06181 80910 or by email to [email protected] Information on the Internet:

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