Sleep: This ritual must have before bedtime pairs

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“Good night honey”
Sleep: This bedtime ritual is important for couples

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Happy are those who also take time for the relationship in bed in the evening: this is the most important bedtime ritual for couples.

Being loving in a relationship is everything and the ultimate if for business. What bedtime rituals should couples share in order to wake up happily next to each other every day.

Frequent love habits are part of a good relationship: “Research on couples has long demonstrated how important rituals are to relationship satisfaction. They make communication appear remarkably secure through their reliability and frequency,” says matrimonial therapist Eric Heijman. So it’s no wonder that according to a Parship survey from last year, 65 percent of those surveyed said it’s loving to always wish each other good night. Here we will tell you which bedtime rituals couples should do.

Couples’ bedtime rituals: This is the most important

By the way, according to the survey, 97 percent consider the kind and friendly rituals that spouses engage in at least partially important. Eric Hegemann: “What is important is consistency, that both experience an emotional connection in the ritual, and thus strengthen the relationship and bond with each other over and over again,” and the therapist adds to the couple: “Rituals show attention, appreciation, recognition, and a desire to be together for the time.” Here they are, the important bedtime rituals that couples should share:

  • Go to sleep at the same time

You are not tired yet but your partner? Go to bed with you anyway – he slips so fast that one of you stumbles in front of the TV while the other has been sleeping for a long time. And it will be a shame if you cannot do all the following rituals because this is only possible if you go to bed at the same time. One positive side effect: If you still can’t fall asleep after spending time together, you’re more likely to read a good book in bed.

A mobile phone shouldn’t have a place in the bedroom anyway – if your loved one is next to you, definitely not! The time you spend together should be before bed without any electronic device. You’ll see: It works! And it gives you plenty of time and space to chat or cuddle – or whatever.

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It doesn’t have to be sex – the main thing is to touch each other tenderly again

  • That was the day – in a nutshell

“Honey, how was your day?” Surely you have already asked this question – in the evening in bed you can ask more questions and, of course, tell the story yourself. BUT: brevity is the spice — at the end of the day anyway. W: Provide yourself with lengthy explanations about current problems in the office or arguments with your parents: you should discuss difficult topics during the day – the minutes before bed should be devoted mainly to positive things.

Of course, anyone with children knows this: every now and then they can’t sleep and crawl into their parents’ bed. And even a dog or cat often feels comfortable there. But the rule should be: you share the bed with your loved one – and no one else. Otherwise, how should intimate relationships arise? And that doesn’t just mean sex at all! However, any form of intimacy is only truly familiar when the couple is alone – not the slapping of a small child or the snoring of a four-legged friend.

  • time of tenderness

A relationship without touching, kissing and sleeping together? I can’t, can I? But if you’re worried that sex is a part of every evening, you can rest easy: casual sexual intercourse, however frequent, is part of it for the couple. However, the bedtime ritual primarily means kissing each other again tenderly, cuddling, and perhaps even sleeping in the cuddling position, if you like. You don’t have to be all night…

As mentioned before, the most important ritual between couples is to wish each of them a good night. Logically, because farewell to the night is also a form of literature. However, the ritual should go beyond pure politeness, rather than expressing how great the partner is, and how important the relationship is. It’s not always necessary to bring up the sentence “I love you”, but you will surely think of something different from time to time than the sentence itself which might be “Good night, sweetheart.” or?

We mentioned the survey at the beginning: What are the most common rituals between couples? Read the other results here.

However, some rituals go too far: nicknames, baby talk – beware not to be overly underestimating the partner!

Beautiful habits in a partnership are important throughout life. So, here are seven romantic ideas for long-term couples. And when it’s too late: 8 tips on how to renew your love for your partner.

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