Terror plot in Essen: SEK breaks into the apartment of an 18-year-old

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Special units broke into an apartment on Wüstenhöferstrasse and took an 18-year-old away. Featured chats about guns?

In the course of the prosecutor’s investigations against a 16-year-old student from Essen Borbeck on suspicion of a planned far-right terrorist attack on the Don Bosco gymnasium, another was arrested on Monday evening.

A special police unit broke into an apartment in a high-rise building on Wüstenhöferstrasse around 8 p.m., taking an 18-year-old away. The house was searched again Tuesday morning. Explosive detection dogs were also at work there, as they were on Kloppstock Street, where the police confiscated a far-right “manifesto” containing SS runes, various weapons and explosives in the child’s room of the prime suspect a week earlier.

Suspected gun violation

Police spokesman Matthias Werk said, on Tuesday morning, that the 18-year-old was being investigated on suspicion of violating the gun law. During a search of the apartment in which the young man lives with his mother, according to information in this newspaper, firearms were seized, but they were not sharp. After questioning him, investigators released the suspect.

Did the two young men exchange weapons?

The 18-year-old is said to have exchanged weapons with the 16-year-old main suspect and thus was targeted by terrorist investigators. So far, there has been no official confirmation from the authorities.

However, the teen’s grandparents, who also live in a high-rise on Wüstenhöferstraße, know the two have known each other from a time together at Schloßstraße High School. They had emailed each other pictures of fake weapons.

The 16-year-old, who moved from high school to Don Bosco Gymnasium about a year ago, is still in detention. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office took over investigations in Karlsruhe on Monday. A spokeswoman for the authority said the reason was the “particular significance of the crime”.

Mass killer Brevik was called a role model

Student Don Bosco, who is highly suspected of planning a bomb attack on his school, has described Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik as a role model. This was reported by the news magazine “Der Spiegel” over the weekend.

On July 22, 2011, right-wing anti-Islam terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (then 33 years old) killed a total of 77 people in a youth camp in the Norwegian capital Oslo and on the island of Utoya. He also wrote a so-called “statement”.

The “statement” was discovered in the 16-year-old’s room

The message investigators found in the 16-year-old’s room is a word file titled “DBG Massacre,” where DBG appears to stand for “Don Bosco Gymnasium.”

In it, the student describes serious school shootings in the past, such as those in American Columbine (1999) or in Württemberg (2009), as “inspiration”. He sees himself “compelled to set an example by the demise of the white race”.

The Columbine High School shooter killed 12 people at the time. “I hope to get some more killing,” reads the disturbing “manifesto” of the 16-year-old from Essen, reports SPIEGEL. He began his letter with a quote from Adolf Hitler.

Regular school operations at the Don Bosco-Gymnasium began again on Tuesday; On Mondays were the Abitur oral exams. School psychologists from Essen are currently supporting the school.

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