The chancellor doesn’t just want to go to Kyiv to take a picture

DrThe Federal Chancellor does not want to travel to Kyiv just to take a “photo”. RTL’s Olaf Schultz said it should be “based on the fact that something is specifically being promoted, and it doesn’t have to be just a photo session”. He won’t join a group of people doing something for a quick in and out by taking a picture. But if that’s the case, it’s always about very tangible things.”

That’s reassuring. Because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky certainly would not want to receive him at a “photo session”. The Ukrainian government has made it abundantly clear what it expects from Scholz, the federal government, and Germany: strong support in the fight against the Russian war of annihilation, and heavy weapons with which Ukraine can defend itself against the aggressor’s army.

It is significant that the chancellor, one of the few prominent Western politicians who has not yet visited Kyiv, mocks those who have gone before. Suppose he meant opposition leader Frederick Mers. Or does he mean Ursula von der Leyen and Nancy Pelosi, or the presidents of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

The coin Scholz pays is very small. He still couldn’t get out of the skin of the crumbling liver sausage, the “beginning of the afternoon” clock he had announced was getting late. All this is impressive given that, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has tried to give the impression that he saw things coming.

What is the historical hour?

The Union, the Free Democratic Party and the Greens – above all Annalena Barbock and Robert Habeck – seem to have understood what happened at the historical hour: Ukrainians are fighting for their own survival, they are fighting for their human rights and freedom, and they do not want to live like slaves. They are fighting for themselves, for us, and for the free world.

The Social Democratic Party, concerned with its relationship with Russia, understood this less than the signatories of the open letter from Emma, ​​which called on Ukrainians to surrender for the “peace” for which mass killing, gang rape, deportation and destruction of livelihoods and culture – the Volgo genocide – is more or less acceptable. Clear. Nobody needs just a “photo session” with Olaf Schultz in Kyiv. The counselor must know this.

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