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Institute for Legal Transformation (ILT)

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Lawyer Dr. Abeer Haddad did it in Bonn Legal Transformation Institutewas established. With the institute, she wants to “shape the law of the future” through interdisciplinary research and advice on future issues related to technologies and climate change. The first projects will address digital worlds and markets, the legal character of artificial intelligence, the legal status of nature, the use of blockchain technology for self-regulation of local communities, and legal innovation at the international level.

“Our society is facing a historical transformation as a result of new technologies, climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as social and cultural developments such as contempt for democracy and populism. The development of the legal system is affected by a great deal of delay and thus faces a double threat: on the one hand, regulation is not fast enough to adapt, but also to impede developments Positivity,” says Abeer Haddad.

The Institute’s foundation sees itself as a “future lady-legal”. In her opinion, against the background of disruptive change, it is not enough to simply develop the existing law in a linear way, Instead, the law must also be rethought.” It sees a single approach in comparative international law and a link between future elements in different legal systems.

The institute is oriented towards working with companies as well as with governmental and intergovernmental institutions and NGOs. “We will test that future solutions will evolve further from the cooperation of different actors based on specific questions,” says Abeer Haddad.

One of the institute’s focus areas is the topic of digital transformation. “Germany has reacted relatively late to digitization. With regard to exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, however, we can pay a high social price for further delays. Our legal system will have to adapt to finding regulations for issues that are still considered science showing fiction literature, But it has already been hinted at,” says Abeer Haddad.

Other focal points of the work are the research and development of sustainable legal frameworks for human life in the global ecosystem. Abeer Haddad is convinced that opportunities for participation are changing radically as a result of technological development, and that this involves both opportunities and risks: “On the one hand, we are observing the trend towards increasing the centralization of data, information, knowledge and ultimately power. On the other hand, we are already today, decentralized technologies such as blockchain and autonomous organizations Decentralizations (DAOs) based on them are becoming more and more popular.” Due to the multidisciplinary approach, Abeer Haddad also draws on multidisciplinary expertise and diverse mindsets from different industries on your team.

The institute is in close contact with research institutions and networks such as the Global Legal Forum, Legal Hackers, Border Resilience and the University of Cologne.

About Abeer Haddad

Dr. Abeer Haddad is a future legal expert. After studying law in Tübingen, she obtained her PhD in Cologne from the Institute of Private International Law in Comparative Law on “Transfer of Cases in Arab Countries Law”. She completed her research residencies in Sharjah (UAE), London (UK), Manama (Bahrain) and Fukuoka (Japan). She was previously an advisor to the United Nations Climate Secretariat. She specializes in comparative international law and lectures at the University of Cologne Law School of Modern Law for Arab Countries. Along with other lawyers, Abeer Haddad is the founder of the Multicultural Lawyers Network and serves as co-chair. She is a member of Capital magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 and Falling Walls Female Science Talents 2022, and was nominated for the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Young Global Leaders category.

About the Institute for Legal Transformation (ILT)

The ILT Institute was established as a research, advisory platform and interdisciplinary research center by Dr. Abeer Haddad was founded. It deals with the design of future legal frameworks and instruments against the backdrop of disruptive and modern changes caused by new technologies, climate change, environmental challenges as well as processes of cultural and social change. The Institute works with companies, government organizations, science and NGOs, and provides contract research, consulting and networking. The Institute draws on a group of multidisciplinary and international experts. Through research-based guidance for developing prototypes of adaptive controls, future scenarios will be presented and their challenges anticipated.


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