The Women’s Association discusses the future of the association

After honoring loyal members: (from behind, left) First President Hannelore Gschnitner, District President Martha Bauer, Gerlind Züdl (member for 25 years), District Vice President Petra Moser, Vice President Rita Edmeyer, Mayor Karin Kinbück Stoger and Reverend Josef Reiner; In the foreground, from left Renate Dittmannsberger (40 years old), Doris Blaschke and Irma Geyer (25 years each) – Photos: red

How can and should the Association of Women in Hebertsfelden continue? This question preoccupied both the Board of Directors and several members at the annual general meeting. The evening began with a solemn mass in the parish church and the commemoration of the deceased members of the past year, Maria Schmidbauer, Fanny Bauer, Traudl Zelig, Hilda Niedermayer and Annelies Frischute.

At Gasthof Zoidl, Principal Hannelore Gschnitzner was able to welcome many happy members, and as guests of honor, Reverend Josef Reiner, Mayor Karin Kienböck-Stöger, District Vice President Petra Moser and Archdiocese Martha Bauer.

Increased contribution causes controversy

In his welcoming words, the mayor noted the association’s long-standing tradition and also its great importance to municipal life. She laid out her wishes under the slogan: “Let’s stick together, then we will be strong together.”

Hannelore Gschnitzner then invited the Archdiocese to report on the changes to the assembly and also to enter into the importance of the individual subsidiary assemblies. One of the most important changes was the fee increase at the beginning of 2021, which caused great discontent among many members and even sparked debate about remaining in the association.

She thanked Martha Power for the invitation and the opportunity to present herself and the various assignments. Even if the increase in the amount is always at the beginning, sometimes it also means a painful change, it should be viewed from the perspective of overall social development. An association like KDFB also represents a large number of voters in the political debate about, for example, mothers’ pensions and women’s solidarity. Several relief organizations were founded from it and still enjoy great support to this day, such as the Women Helping Women, the Solibrot campaign or the Renovabis.

The Women’s League, in its Christian-Catholic commitment, is linked on the one hand with tradition, and on the other responsible for renewal and progress in the synodal path. It’s also important to see the wide range of educational opportunities the association offers, such as course leader training, parent-child group training, or promoting fair trade shows. The increase in membership fees should therefore be viewed in the context of the public offering and the many functions of KDFB. Adjustments in the context of the general loss of purchasing power in rents, wages and other factors were also included in the decision. All of these offers are important and can only be made thanks to the membership fee. On the one hand, the Women’s Association puts its finger in the wound to initiate the necessary changes, for example in the case of home care, and on the other hand, it is the salt in the soup that is missed only when it is not there.

Hannelore G Schneidner thanked the guest speaker and invited him for a public exchange of ideas. There were quite a few critical comments, which also had an overall decline in membership in connection with the membership fee increase.

Renate Dittmannsberger has been with us for 40 years

In the annual review, Secretary Christian Bringer Meyer recalled activities from July 2021 to the present. The members were especially happy with the first encounters during the beer garden visit, barbecue party, and day trip due to Corona’s long abstinence.

Treasurer Monica Bauer reported to members all income and expenditures for the past fiscal year and submitted the cash report. There was a decline in membership from January 2021 with 195 members to the current 180. The cash auditors, Anita Bittner and Karin Kienböck-Stöger, testified to the flawless cash management and requested the board’s discharge.

For long-term membership and loyalty to the association, they were honored by Rita Edmeyer and District Vice President Petra Moser with badges of honor and flowers: Rinat Dittmannsberger for 40 years, Margrethe Wimmer (non-existent) for 25 years, Irma Geier, Gerlind Züdl and Doris Blaschke. All helpers as well as newspaper conductors, birthday wishes, choir singers and flag bearers were thanked with a small gift.

Then Vice Chairman Rita Edmeyer gave an overview of upcoming events throughout the year. May prayer is held in the parish church on Sunday, May 22nd. There has been a change to the annual trip to the Bavarian Forest, now scheduled for Thursday, June 30. She thanked all loyal members for their support in the events and at the same time encouraged active participation.

Hannelore Gschnitzner concluded by thanking all the members of the Board of Directors, who have enriched the life of the association through their good cooperation and richness of ideas. But she also reminded of the new elections that will be held next year, with the resignation of some members of the board of directors. I asked everyone to participate, promote youth and thus support the continued existence of the association. – red

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