Traffic policy: no speed limit, the nine euro ticket will not be extended

The federal government does not plan to set a general speed limit on motorways, and the €9 ticket for public transport, which is limited to three months, will not be extended. This became clear during a public meeting of the petitions committee on Monday. This had dealt with a petition signed by 65,000 good people for a quick navigation turnaround.

Daniela Kluckert (FDP), Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport, and her colleague (the Greens) from the Department of Economic Affairs Oliver Krecher, referred to the alliance agreement, in which no speed limit was provided. But Krecher added that this is still under discussion. Clockert noted the €2.5 billion cost of the nine-euro ticket. Given these limited financial resources, the one-time reduction will continue.

[Update 17.5.22, 14.16: SPD, Grüne, FDP und Linksfraktion haben im Verkehrsausschuss des Bundestags für die vorgesehene Finanzierung des Neun-Euro-Tickets gestimmt, CD//CSU und AfD dagegen. Abgelehnt wurde der Antrag der Linksfraktion, in dem sie unter anderem eine Verlängerung des Neun-Euro-Tickets bis Jahresende und einen beschleunigten Ausbau des ÖPNV fordert.

Vertreter von SPD, Grünen und FDP betonten in der Ausschusssitzung, dass das Neun-Euro-Ticket eine geeignete sozialpolitische Maßnahme zur Entlastung der Bürger sei. Zudem sei das Ticket geeignet, um neue Kunden für den ÖPNV zu gewinnen. CDU/CSU bemängelten, durch das Ticket würden nicht die strukturellen Probleme im ÖPNV beseitigt. Zudem sei nach Ablauf der Gültigkeit des Tickets mit einem Preissprung im ÖPNV zu rechnen.]

The €9 ticket should be available from May 23. In the months from June to August, you must apply for public transport for one month. With 2.5 billion euros, the federal government will bear half of the resulting costs. This is still under discussion. Bavarian Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) said that if the federal government did not fully reimburse the cost of the ticket, he would run into a wall in the Bundesrat; The ticket should be on the agenda there next Friday. Consumer advocates assert that the ticket will be served too quickly.

Petitioner Tino Pfaff is a member of the environmental protection organization BUND and belongs to the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion Germany. In addition to speed limits, he also called for car-free Sundays and a ban on domestic flights in the petition. Pfaff said security policy concerns should be combined with measures to protect the climate and the socially just environment. He explained at the meeting of the petitions committee, that if half of the procedures required in his petition were implemented, it could render the remaining 12 percent of the oil needed in Germany, which currently still comes from Russia, obsolete in a few weeks.

The current transportation system is “discriminatory and exclusionary”. Being mobile comes with perks. Pfaff said a real shift in commuting and traffic could decisively address health risks posed by exhaust gases and particulates.

Mobility expert Katia Del added at the meeting that there is no freedom of choice when it comes to getting around in rural areas. Funds to improve rural mobility will be available if car traffic is no longer subsidized.

Clockert described climate protection as a comprehensive, long-term social mission: “The earlier and more coherently we make progress, the more options we have for action.” Work is currently underway on the Immediate Climate Protection Program, which should be available at the beginning of July. In the transportation sector, the focus is on alternative drive systems for trucks, cars and buses, electric mobility, rail expansion and cycling support. However, in all of this, it is important to ensure that mobility for citizens and businesses is preserved and that jobs and economic power are not jeopardized.

Krecher confirmed that some of the actions requested in the petition will be discussed in connection with the immediate climate protection program. It is important to get out of the deadly energy dependence on Russia. The first steps have already been taken, and more will follow.

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