UEFA Europa League: 120,000 fans in the final in Seville

emergency situation! The Seville participants expect nothing less ahead of the Grand Final between Frankfurt and Rangers. In terms of audiences and traditions, the game takes on the dimensions of a World Cup final. Traveling is too expensive for a fan, he rides his bike.

The simplest hostel rooms at more than 1,000 euros, crazy travel routes by train, bus and plane and the expected “migration of peoples”: Seville is preparing for a unique rush before the Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers. Up to 50,000 Hessians and more than 70,000 Scots are expected to arrive in the final capital of Andalusia. In terms of tradition, fans and charged atmosphere, the dimensions will likely be reached on Wednesday up to 35 degrees before the game in the evening (9pm/RTL) which is only possible before the World Cup final.

The stadium in Seville only has a capacity of 40,000 spectators

“It will be a rush like never before in this city. It will probably be the first time that we have fewer fans outside our home than our competitors. It will be huge,” said Frankfurt board spokesman Axel Hellmann, with the aim of meeting at Ramon Stadium. Sanchez Pizjuan, who has alarmed both groups of fans, which has just over 40,000 spectators.

Frankfurt and Glasgow only received 10,000 tickets for the final

Both clubs only received 10,000 tickets but could have sold more than ten times that number to their title-hungry fans. This is especially bitter for the finalists because there are two more football stadiums in Seville alone than in Seville. But that couldn’t slow down the euphoria in Frankfurt and Glasgow.

Eintracht president Hellmann: “It will be a unique final”

“We are excited that it is a unique gathering of Europe’s loudest and most vocal fans for this competition. It will be a very unique and very enjoyable finale,” said Hellmann, who surprised his team a bit by racing in Europe.

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Eintracht, who finished the Bundesliga year 11th, has been in a state of emergency for weeks. Everything revolves around Europe, much more than usual. Christophe Dom – former Hessen coach – expects a “mini-migration of peoples” in Seville.

In 2016, Frankfurt was still resisting relegation in the relegation stage

For Hellmann and the club, the final will also be the initial climax of a crazy journey: in 2016, he avoided relegation against Nuremberg, the cup win against Bayern in 2018 and in 2022 his first European final in 42 years. Tens of thousands of their fans will travel through Europe for this purpose – on strange, sometimes uncomfortable, often expensive roads.

Rangers Pro Leon Balogun: “I love that power”

If you want to be there in Seville you have to pay a lot – and then you are lucky to be selected for a ticket. This applies equally to Frankfurt and the Scots. Professional Leon Balogun describes the Rangers fans’ passion as follows: “It can be absolutely uncomfortable when things don’t go that way. Still, it’s absolute love and obsession. That’s what makes these fans. I love him, that strength.”

Frankfurt fan groups and Rangers friendly

The two fan groups are linked on friendly terms, and Eintracht even has a meeting room called Glasgow Rangers. The Hessians were delighted that the traditional club from Scotland, not RB Leipzig, reached the final. Even if the fight over tickets and hotels intensified and became more expensive. Those who were late had to pay 1,600 euros for two nights in a regular lodging in Seville. After the semi-finals, usury knew no bounds.

Eintracht Frankfurt: 100,000 public ticket requests

The public view, with Eintracht playing in the World Cup stadium, also shows the enormous power that the final elicits on the Main. The Bundesliga team, which already had huge crowds of fans away from Barcelona and West Ham, could sell up to 100,000 tickets. More than ten times the usual price of 10 euros has been called on the black market – mind you, to watch the game on a big screen, about 2,300 kilometers northeast of the actual final city.

A Frankfurt fan rides his bike to Seville

For fans, placing tickets is by far the biggest problem. Accommodation and travel options can be organized with discounts, big wallet or imagination – a fan rides his bike from Frankfurt to Seville. But the number of cards is limited. “This anger should be explained to me less. I know them and feel them. I also received some frustrating emails from my circle of friends,” Hellman said.

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The club made a “fundamental decision” on the allocation of tickets, Hellmann explained, in light of the 3-2 draw at Barcelona and the 2-1 draw at West Ham. Loud and energetic fans must certainly be present to be able to hold out against the Scots. “We are pragmatic. We want to bring the noise from the squad onto the pitch,” said the official. In the summer heat in Seville, you’ll feel it all day long. (dpa/pw)

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