“We live in a history book” – 11 friends

Christian Losner: Did you really care about the yellow ticket for Thursday?
No, I wouldn’t need that either. Fortunately, as an independent criminal defense attorney, I can organize my work so that I can travel during the week without any problems. I just have to arrange court appointments in time.

She says to the judge: Sorry, please no negotiations on Wednesday, Eintracht playing in Seville?
If it’s not about custody issues, you can definitely talk about it. I have to do it a few months ago. Fortunately, I made it clear that if I was in the final, I could now travel to Spain with complete peace of mind. Although this time it will be a pure ride out anyway, in the morning at 4:00 AM and back at 4:00 AM the next morning. I want to go back to the Romer Hotel on time.

How many times have you traveled internationally with Eintracht in your life?
Phew, I didn’t keep a book, I don’t have the exact number of outside rounds in my head. Born in 1980, I was in Frankfurt for the first time ever on the field in 1986 and then in 1995 as a teenager for the first time at international level, the European Cup in Bordeaux. Since then we’ve only been part of Europe for a few years now, and I’ve been to most of the games. Limassol, Porto, Milan, Bordeaux twice, Seville, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, Istanbul, London twice, and, and, and, and: I’ve seen a lot.

Do you still have vivid memories of your first ride? As a 15-year-old in Bordeaux, he must have been incredibly sexy.
Clear. My best friend and I – a Brazilian named Cayo – traveled with an Interrail pass. We wanted to go to this dune near Bordeaux anyway…

Wait a minute: Your best friend is a Brazilian, a Frankfurt fan whose name is Caio?
Exactly, but it’s not the Brazilian Caio who was playing for us. Although the two have the same attitude towards life, the gas station stories about footballer Caio also fit my friend Caillou.

Any gas station stories?
Caillou – the professional – was constantly seen shopping at some gas stations in Frankfurt at night, buying unhealthy things. At one point he was caught by the then Frankfurt licensed player manager Rainer Falkenhayn, when he was about to go on vacation. Caio reportedly had three liters of Coke and four bags of potato chips in his arms. Of course the story spread quickly.

Private archive of Christian Lusner

Most of them were already true fan legends back then.”

With the other Caillou, I was in Bordeaux in 1995.
Exactly, like I said, we wanted to go to Dune du Pilat in Arcachon and already got our Interrail tickets. Our first summer vacation without parents. Then Frankfurt was randomly drawn to Bordeaux – and we began our journey on a regional train from Frankfurt Central Station to Bordeaux, in a room full of Eintracht fans. At that time there were not thousands of people, but there were only 50 people at all. Most of them were already true fan legends at the time, Gerre von Tankard was there, for example, a maker The fan comes first.” Fans too, dry too. Like many others at the time, unfortunately he’s already dead. Of course, when we were kids, it was totally crazy to go out with these guys.

What photos do you remember from this trip?
Many. For example, I’m not a big drinker, especially at the time, but I can still remember how empty drinking glass bottles rolled across the train at night. of sound. Or the cry of our defender Kachapar Chadadze, who ruptured his cruciate ligament, which is ten meters from us on the field. He screamed like crazy. I also remember how Andreas Hornung, Eintracht’s fan manager at the time, sold us tickets at the last minute in front of the stadium. Cayo and I arrived without tickets, and then – young people – we did not have enough money with us. So we still owe Andi five brands forever. Weeks later, he reminded us in a letter that we were still in touch with him today, which was kind of sweet. The match itself was also great, Frankfurt lost, but Bordeaux appeared with Zidane, Lizarazu and Dujarry. In the case of Zidane in particular, we already knew at the time that he was fantastic. In hindsight, it was the team of the century for Bordeaux.

Is travel far today still somewhat similar to that first trip to Bordeaux? Or are they two different worlds?
I am now over 40 years old, a lawyer, and I have three daughters. You can say: You have come to life. But when I get on the Barcelona bend and cheer for Eintracht, I’m a 15-year-old from Bordeaux again. I don’t think this will ever change.

Do your girls come with you?
Yes, the older one. In Barcelona, ​​for example, and because my dad was there as well, we sort of organized a three-generation tour. It was even reported in Frankfurter Rundschau. My oldest also really wants a season ticket. For my middle daughter, this was her first away game ever. Appropriate, I would say. (Read here a text about the game of the century in Barcelona)

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