Audition: Vampire: Masquerade – Swansung

As in 1991 the game of pen and paper Vampires: The Farce No one could have imagined that this game would be the cornerstone of a large-scale universe where new games and sequels would be released after 21 years. With the latest branch Vampire: The Masquerade – Swanseong The development team at “Big Bad Wolf Studios” is taking us back to “world of darkness” One teeming with monsters and monsters.

Welcome to Boston Blood

The plot of this narrative RPG takes us to Boston, the vampire stronghold ruled by Prince Hazel Iverson. With firmness and skill, she tries to direct ancient intrigues and intrigues, to ensure the prosperity of vampires while preserving the masquerade – those iron rules whose purpose is to prevent people from knowing about the existence of vampires and other monsters.

Unfortunately, the masquerade party and community known as the Camarilla are in jeopardy after the Vampire Celebration and Code Red proclamation fades. What happened here, who is endangering Camarilla, and what secrets lie behind closed doors and suspicious complicity? This is what we have to learn as we try to save our species. The plot takes us to different places and puts us in touch with all kinds of other vampires, as well as people we can (abuse) for our own purposes.

Versatile RPG elements, a feast for puzzle lovers

So we slide into the role of three different vampires, each with their own skills. While the brilliant Ghalib shines above all else through his presence and mental tricks, the modern Emem brings with him extraordinary speed. On the other hand, Leysha can take the form of other beings or become invisible, making it ideal for exploration and secret missions.

After each level section we get experience points that we can spend in a comprehensive skill tree. We can either invest in mental abilities, such as improving our powers of persuasion or intelligence, or simply hack machines, or we can expand our vampire abilities, which may open up entirely new paths for us that we otherwise would not have been able to access. . The game manages to integrate the skill system into the story in a really amazing way, because every point has to be carefully considered in the way it can help us in the story and in the conversations. Moreover, scouring every nook and cranny in every level, reading letters and texts and keeping your eyes peeled for clues everywhere is really helpful, as we will discover a lot of mysteries and riddles that our mission objectives weren’t necessarily going to lead us to think of. It is definitely worth expanding your horizons.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong test

How influencing our actions and decisions is shown above all by the fact that these can frequently have a huge impact on the further course of the story. This also includes the fact that we can also complete tasks in vain or make decisions that open us up or block further paths. You have to quickly get used to the fact that failure is a potential option that should definitely not become the norm. But that’s what makes it so attractive to start over after the first round and follow other paths that may or may not have been intentionally overlooked, which could lead us to a very different story. We are excited about such versatility and comprehensive possibilities that one has considered.

Graphic anemia, little effect (fortunately!)

What the title does well in gameplay and RPG elements is lost a bit in the graphics. It’s not a complete failure, but you can tell from the scenes and character models that this isn’t an AAA title or that it sucks all the energy out of the PS5. Some movements look very strange even to vampires, and other expressions or facial expressions leave much to be desired. Especially with facial animations, there is always a lot of potential. Fortunately, this isn’t very noticeable during the game, but there are some dialogue sequences that literally just jump right in our faces. somehow pity!

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swanseong

The different levels, full of details and secrets, do it best. In every corner there are secrets and clues that will help us, such as a mobile phone code, a computer password, important documents or hidden door solutions that reveal more conspiracies.

We comb all these items at a very comfortable pace. We rarely get into a situation where we get nervous, let alone take any real action. The title is clearly different from his here werewolfEmergence from the same universe Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earth’s Blood (our review), which was marked by a lot of violence and massacres. “Vampire: The Masquerade- Swanwong” More elegant, calm and mysterious here, always with the goal of keeping the masquerade party going.

In its entirety, the title is more reminiscent of a detective game such as La Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie with vampires and monsters. But the combination works, captivates us, and manages to create exactly that atmosphere of a secret occult society, which is also suitable for this game. We learn a lot about them “world of darkness”, whether in a running game or through the scrolls, which contain a great deal of information about all the elements of the world. If you are interested in the mystery and the world of monsters, you will definitely get a lot to read here.


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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong A real surprise for us! The title managed to make us plunge into the depths of the “world of darkness” after a very short time and we want to get to the depths of many hidden secrets, intrigues and intrigues. Technically, there’s a small issue here and there, which still lacks a real new generation feel, but that shouldn’t be too detrimental to the fun nibble in the title. In any case, we are positively surprised and delighted that a title that subtly challenges our minds and at the same time offers us a good story and advanced gameplay.”

for every

A comprehensive skill tree that has a powerful influence on story and decisions

Many different plot tracks and hidden puzzles

Very nice atmosphere and story


The graphics leave something to be desired

Generally the playing time is a little too short

A little work for one or the other

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