Börse Express – karriere.at poll: Almost half are unwilling to accept jobs without a home office

Vienna/Linz (OTS) – Home office and other forms of flexible or hybrid work are not yet a normal matter of everyday working life in Austria. According to an online survey conducted by Austria’s largest job portal karriere.at, up to 43 percent of employees surveyed stated that such forms of work do not currently exist at their workplace. Outside the home office, most companies in Austria still find it difficult to offer other options for so-called hybrid work.

Due to the Corona pandemic and digitalization, flexible working has increased in Austria. However, this is not yet ubiquitous in the world of home work. This is the result of a current online survey of around 1,000 employees conducted by the job portal karriere.at. Only half of those surveyed (51 percent) are offered a home office, and one in four has the opportunity to work on the go, that is, regardless of location. Co-working spaces in the form of shared offices are available only to 12 percent of those surveyed. Other forms of hybrid work such as creative or collaborative areas are underrepresented at 7 percent. On the other hand, up to 43 percent of employees say they do not currently have access to any form of flexible work.

However, these numbers go against what employees expect from their employers. As many as 47 percent of those surveyed would turn down a job if there was no home office on offer. For nearly half of respondents (49 percent), co-working spaces are not an obstacle when it comes to a new job. “Flexible working is increasingly becoming a standard offering in the modern world of work. For employees, it primarily means flexibility and can also have a positive impact on work-life balance. 63% of respondents have good or very good experiences with it. For this reason, Their expectations of employers in this field are correspondingly high,” comments George Konovic, CEO of karriere.at. International studies such as last year’s Microsoft Work Attitude Index report show that more and more employees want to maintain mixed working styles and spend more face-to-face time with their teammates.

Companies are increasingly strengthening team cohesion

But the Austrian working world is relatively far from that. On the employer side, home office continues to be the most popular form of flexible working: 62 percent of 185 company representatives surveyed offer it at their company. Other forms of co-education are still in their infancy in Austria: only 11 percent of companies rely on co-working spaces, 18 percent of which allow mobile work, eg b. than a coffee shop, while 12 percent offer creative and collaborative areas. Employees show a greater desire to work flexibly compared to companies. Our experience from the past two years shows that expanding these forms of work is only effective if targeted measures are taken by employers to enhance team cohesion. Here we see that more and more of them are now recognizing this problem,” says Konovic. According to this, 53 percent of surveyed companies are already taking action to enhance team spirit, and 43 percent of them invest in technologies and equipment that promote location-independent work.

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