CDU and the Greens want to talk

JIf it were up to the CDU, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is now going straight to black and green. The party’s board of directors, which was clearly the strongest political force in Sunday’s state election with 35.7 percent, sent calls for exploratory talks not only to the Greens, but also to the Social Democratic Party and its former coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party. But the Christian Democrats have a clear preference for the Greens, whose share is 18.2 percent stronger than ever in the state of New South Wales. A black and green government would have a comfortable majority in Parliament. As for his party and the “second winner of the elections”, the leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group, Bodo Lutgen, said on Tuesday that the election result is tied to the responsibility to “handle the outcome of the voters carefully and in a focused manner”.

“We have very good electoral programs that you can put together, and then it will become clear where there is a great need for discussion.” North Rhine-Westphalia needs a “modern, futuristic alliance to solve the challenges of our time” said Löttgen. “We must combine the fight against climate change with the fight against climate change with economic success and secure modern jobs.” It is also about the best education, internal security, affordable housing and mobility. “We want to work together reliably and with confidence in an equal alliance.”

“We know where the differences and the similarities lie.”

The greens looked very similar after a few minutes. “We are ready to take responsibility – even in difficult times,” says senior candidate Mona Neubauer. The country needs a government that is “up to date” with a “strong green handwriting”. Already during the election campaign one read the programs of the contenders. “We know where the differences and the similarities lie,” Neubauer said. Now it’s about taking a step-by-step approach with the necessary haste, but with the necessary care. However, people in North Rhine-Westphalia have the right to a “good pace” and politicians must show that they can represent themselves. In order to maintain order, Neubauer explained that the Greens “of course” would also talk to the SPD. “If she invites us.”

The Social Democrats fell to a new historic low on Sunday: 26.7 percent. “First, it is clear that the ball is in the hands of the federation,” said Thomas Koshati, leader of the SPD’s parliamentary group, who apparently gave up hope at the traffic light. For now, there will be talks between black and green. “Of course, this is the highest priority, and it also clearly corresponds to the outcome of the election.” A little later, Christoph Rachi, leader of the parliamentary group of the re-elected Democratic Democratic Party, said: “I suppose we will talk to each other, but one thing is clear: there will be black and green, and nothing else will be up for discussion.”

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