DigiBonus II: Get started digitally in the future

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DigiBonus II for Small Business: Get started digitally in the future

The IT infrastructure consists of many isolated small solutions, there are no automated coordinated processes and the IT security is patchy: many small and medium-sized companies that have been in their IT for years are struggling with these issues. But for Schleswig-Holstein companies with up to 20 employees, there is still a boost to digitization until the end of 2022: With DigiBonus II funding and an expert IT service provider at their side, they can securely prepare their business operations for the future.

DigiBonus II Project “PB for the Future”

DigiBonus II covers up to 50 percent of the digitization project costs with a maximum of 17,000 euros. The fact that this is a milestone for many companies shows not least the project funded “PB for Future” by Paul Bernhardt GmbH of Ahrensburg, which accompanied m2solutions as an IT service from application to planning to successful implementation.

An adequate IT infrastructure and strategy is required

The Paul Bernhardt Company, operated by its owner since 1876, is one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty and combustion engines to construction sites. The company has grown over the years, and so has its IT: before the project started, there were several isolated solutions that were hardly connected to each other or not at all. For example, there were calculations in Excel, customer and delivery data in a separate program. Problem: Real-time information about the state of the process can never be called because the individual data states had to be combined first in a laborious process. “Our IT is outdated now,” says Patrick Siemers, Managing Director and IT Director at Paul Bernhardt GmbH. “For the necessary digitization, we needed an appropriate infrastructure and strategy in which these themes could be implemented in a future-oriented manner.”

Fully digital solutions

As customer projects at Paul Bernhardt GmbH have become more complex over the years: the company provides needs-based solutions from the single part construction to the part to the complete engine, which requires a high degree of coordination of the individual process steps. In order to remain competitive and provide the best services, the company planned to fully use digital solutions – from the first contact with the customer to the completion of the project.

Process improvement and higher IT security

“At the beginning of the project, we recorded the current situation and determined through dialogue what the client actually needed,” says Mirko Müller, General Manager at m2solutions. Because to be eligible for the DigiBonus II, the project must not be limited to hardware replacement. Indeed, the project should provide a real impetus to digitization in the company – more precisely: a significant improvement in operations and security through a new IT infrastructure. On the other hand, m2s solutions created a requirement plan for high-performance and coordinated hardware which, for example, comprehensive ERP tools (ERPs) also work without problems. On the other hand, a high level of IT security was ensured by configured firewalls, network fragmentation, monitoring tools and a rapid recovery contingency plan.

Digitization within three months

With a detailed description of the measures included in the application, m2solutions and Paul Bernhardt GmbH were able to convince the funding committee: half of the five-figure costs of the digitization project were covered by DigiBonus II. “Without the uncomplicated support from m2 solutions, we certainly wouldn’t have gotten the clearance,” says Patrick Simers. “This shows that managing such large projects is much easier if you tackle them with a competent partner.” After implementing the new software and hardware, m2solutions trained Paul Bernhardt GmbH staff on the new system that had been set up. The project phase took a total of three months from planning to instructing.

IT Security: Small Businesses Need to Take Action

“This financing program is highly recommended for small and medium businesses where data security and more efficient operations are at the top of the list,” says Mirko Müller of m2solutions. “Of course, companies would dare to take on such a project more quickly if they did not have to bear the entire cost themselves.” Especially in the current situation, where the Federal Bureau of Information Security (BSI) calculates the variants of new malware and cyber-attacks every day, it recommends putting EDP on a new basis. Mueller: “From an IT point of view, most small and medium-sized businesses are unfortunately in a very bad position and urgently need to take action.”

  Über m2solutions EDV-Service GmbH

m2solutions EDV-Service GmbH is an IT service provider company based in Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein. The company is a full-service system house for mid-sized businesses and an IT service provider for global systems houses. m2solutions offers individual or complete solutions tailored to clients, from conceptual and organizational consultancy to individual IT infrastructure solutions (hardware and software) to IT security management and communications solutions. More than 150 employees are deployed nationwide. m2solutions considers itself as a partner that not only implements secure IT infrastructure, but also provides support for further success and growth of clients through the use of appropriate technologies. The company was founded in 2000 by Mirko Müller and Reiner Matthiessen.

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