Flights and excursions from Dusseldorf with a ticket 9 euros

Excursions and excursions from Dusseldorf
Where do I go with a nine-euro ticket?

The €9 ticket will come on June 1st. If you plan well, you can use it to travel around Germany or discover the surrounding area on day trips. Ideas for short trips and long trips from Dusseldorf.

The nine-euro ticket will come – from June to August it will then be possible to use the entire German local and regional transport system with a tariff form. Sylt is already anticipating the rush. But there are many alternatives for day trips or longer trips from Düsseldorf. to choose.

day trips

From Düsseldorf’s main train station, you can go on beautiful day trips with local and regional transport without having to change trains. distance a meal Roughly it only takes 30 minutes. In the city of the Ruhr region, it is worth visiting the Folkwang Museum or the Ruhr Museum in the Zollverein mine. If the weather is favorable – and if you have good endurance – you can also walk the 26.7 kilometers in Baldeneysteig around the lake, and the best way to do this is to take the S6 and get off at Essen-Hügel station.

    Trip and travel advice from Dusseldorf.

Trip and travel advice from Dusseldorf.
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If you want to eat asparagus again in June, you can take a trip to Asparagus and Albaik village Act. RE10 takes 53 minutes straight to Geldern, and from there it’s a 25-minute bike ride to Walbeck, where asparagus is grown and served on farms and restaurants. The nine-euro ticket doesn’t actually include taking your bike with you, but there’s a trick: if you book a subscription like Ticket 2000, which costs just nine euros per month during this time, you can take a bike with you for free shipping.

You can also get there in one go by regional train in 56 minutes bon. A detour to the museum inclination is a must, for example to the House of History (free admission) or the Federal Art Gallery. Perfect next: a stroll through the Federal District and a coffee drink in the southern part of town.

Monster It can be reached in an hour and a half with RE 2 without changing trains – eg to visit the botanical garden, browse the flea market in the park or get to know the students’ tastes.

North sea tour osti

If you have more time, you can also travel through Germany with a ticket of nine euros, for example to the sea. A tour with particularly beautiful towns along the way leads to Timmendorfer Strand. In about two hours you can catch the regional express train to Osnabrück, where the old town and castle with garden are worth a visit.

From there we continue to Bremen (1:20 hours) with a detour for city musicians and the historic Schnur district. It’s another 1:10 hour to Hamburg – here the show ranges from concerts at the Reeperbahn to concerts at the Elbphilharmonie. If you want to travel further north, you only need about 45 minutes to reach Lübeck. There you can visit Holstentor, Buddenbrookhaus and many small streets of the old town – of course you can eat Lübeck marzipan.

It is only a 15-minute regional train ride from the Baltic Sea on Timmendorfer Strand. If you drive the road in one go, you need more than seven hours and you have to change trains four times.

to Berlin

There is probably no destination as easily accessible by train from NRW as Berlin. With ICE, you need about four and a half hours from Düsseldorf, but this is not included in the nine-euro ticket. The journey is also possible with regional transport: it takes eight hours and three changes in Bielefeld, Braunschweig and Magdeburg to get to Berlin. Admittedly, this tour needs to stay in power and adequate food, because there is no bistro on regional trains as there are on long-distance trains.

to Bavaria

Of course you can also travel to Munich with a ticket of nine euros, but that takes from nine to ten hours, depending on connections. Easy access to Bamberg, in northern Bavaria. You have to plan for a total of seven and a half hours and three changes. On the way there, you can also stop in Koblenz (also suitable for a day trip), Frankfurt and Würzburg.

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