Formula 1 – After Formula 1: What Sebastian Vettel rules out for his future

“I want to win,” says Sebastian Vettel. But the four-time Formula 1 world champion is far from that in the 2022 season. As the first races have shown: with the Aston Martin AMR22, only Vettel can calculate individual point positions. His dream of huge success with the traditional British brand won’t come true this year, and maybe never.

“The team doesn’t look as if it could become world champion,” Formula 1 expert Mark Saurer said in a video interview on the “” YouTube channel. [Vettel] Still there? Surer gives an answer to his own question:[Vettel] He fulfills his contract and then says goodbye.”

Such a scenario is possible: Vettel’s two-year contract with Aston Martin expires after the 2022 season. But Vettel confirms in an interview with Agence France-Presse: “I have not made a decision about my future yet.”

Why sports prospects matter

Maybe it will continue, maybe not. Sports prospects for success must play a decisive role. “I’m not here to finish outside the top 10,” Vettel says. But that is often the reality at Aston Martin since 2021. Or, as Vettel himself puts it: “We as a team wanted to be up front, but we’re at the back now.”

Which is why some observers question why Vettel continues to drive at all, even though “the car isn’t running,” says Surer. “that it [nach den positiven Coronatests zu Saisonbeginn] He comes back and still speaks for him as he helps the team. He’s trying to push the team forward and there are already some signs of improvement. So he’s doing his job.”

Surer finds Vettel’s position “fantastic” because he has not been discouraged by the difficult sporting situation. “He could have thrown in the towel and no one would blame him except maybe the team,” Saurer said.

Vettel: Competition always and everywhere

But Vettel behaves differently. Vettel explains that he sees a certain competitive personality in everything he does. For example: “When I cook, I want it to be perfect. If I don’t succeed, I’m disappointed. Then I think about how to make it perfect. I set the level too high.”

That’s why at the moment he “doesn’t have the impression that I’m driving less than usual,” Vettel said. “I’ve evolved a bit,” he adds. “My experience also helps me not to let some things put pressure on me.”

However, Surer no longer sees Vettel in the front row. He “couldn’t imagine any big team” would still sign with the former champion. “He’s gone from Ferrari, he’s had the chance at Aston Martin for everything, so he’s not working now either.” In addition, it is pushing a young generation of drivers towards Formula 1.

Soyer stresses that this does not mean that Vettel is in the scrap heap. “When things are going normally, Stroll hits,” Surer says. “And we know that Perez, for example, has always found it difficult to beat Stroll. So that level he still has.”

“It’s a matter of more motivation, if you know I’m fighting for 10th, is that really the motivation for the four-time world champion to give everything? I don’t know.”

How Vettel imagines the “after” time.

So the “afterwards” question is being asked more and more by Vettel: his F1 career is closer to the end than to the beginning. So did Vettel really make plans for the time after the active driving?

There is no clear answer. Vettel only says so often: “Maybe I’ll stick to the race, but maybe not right away. That’s what I like, so who knows?”

There is only one thing that excludes Vettel from his future: “I will not be an expert on TV”.

And he doesn’t really care how the public perceives his F1 career later on. “Bottom line, it’s all about how I feel,” Vettel says.

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