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The AVM network supplier in Berlin has provided updates for several FRITZ! Box. Plus the new laboratory releases of the FRITZ cable! Box 6690, FRITZ cable! Box 6591 and FRITZ! Box 6660, contains FRITZ! Box 4060 on the regular version Update to FRITZ! OS 7.30 Ready for download.

New lab versions of cable models

What is made available for download in the AVM under the name “Tester Version” carries a “Beta” addition elsewhere and allocates initial releases that allow testing of new functionality. FRITZ! OS 7.39 New in the lab for cable models.

The new version of the router’s operating system integrates support for modern WireGuard VPN connections, which (not only) is what AVM describes as being easy to configure and offering faster connection establishment than traditional VPN connections like IPSec or OpenVPN.

6690 Fritz Cable Box

FRITZ! OS 7.39 as a pre-release

Those who use their routers as a DECT base can look forward to a new phone function for FRITZ! Fon M2, C4, C5 and C6. After importing the lab copy, AVM cordless phones can issue announcements for calls, alarms, and appointments.

AFTER INSTALLING FRITZ! OS 7.39, devices in the home network can be prioritized in the MyFRITZ application provided by the provider. Also new is support for exFAT storage media that plug into the router’s USB ports.

6690 AVM settings 1400

Anyone who also uses smart home functionality with AVMs can learn more about entering actions, an extension of radiator control modules templates (frost protection, boost, comfort, temperature reduction), support for external window sensors, light sequences, scenes and simplified selection of functions Convenience (toggle WLAN access, toggle WLAN guest access, make a phone call, switch the answering machine, send push mail, call URL).

All changes can be found in the “infolab.txt” file, which is included in all lab downloads available here.
With thanks to Leoplan!

New functions and improvements in FRITZ! OS 7.39


  • ** NEW ** WireGuard VPN connections support
  • ** NEW ** Direct connection to MyFRITZ! Net via USP (TR-369) for direct transmission of parameters – first display of connection status and connection parameters and implementation of updates on MyFRITZ! Net (only for FRITZ OS versions in Fritz Lab!)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Automatic prioritization ensures fairness in the bandwidth allocation in the FRITZ! Entire Box (home and guest network) (only 7590, 7590 AX, 7530, 7530 AX, 7520, 7510)
  • ** Enhanced ** View data streams from the guest network using IPv6 in the Online Monitor (7530 only)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** When FTP / FTPS online storage media access is activated, the assigned port number is displayed randomly
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** After rebooting, FRITZ! Box instantly updates its IP address in MyFRITZ! Net (Update DynDNS)
  • ** Improvement ** The IPv6 interface identifier used on the WAN is randomly selected
  • **Improvement** In the user interface, the image now shows the different VPN connection types
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** FRITZ PRODUCTS ARE REGISTERED! Box add-ons automatically into your MyFRITZ! Mesh Master
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** IPv4 VPN (IPSec) connections can be delivered over IPv6, eg to access FRITZ products! Box on DS-Lite connections (IPv6 tunnel for IPv4 and IPv4-in-IPv6)
  • **Improved** IPv6 in FRITZ! Box is enabled by default on all Internet access points
  • **Change** When creating a new port version, the “Emule” app is no longer available
  • ** Change ** The pre-selected selection of DynDNS providers has been replaced with a global setting option
  • **Change** If your ISP’s DNS servers (or specific DNS servers) fail, it will automatically switch to public DNS servers

Wireless internet service:

  • ** NEW ** In network operating mode as repeater, connections with multiple WLAN bands (7590) are now possible
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Enhanced Dynamic Smart Redundancy enables higher data throughput for devices connected to FRITZ! Box Network Repeater (7590)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** When changing the encryption to ‘unencrypted’ on the main network, it is ensured that the 5GHz radio network is activated and WLAN devices are logged out correctly if necessary
  • **Improvement** Increased data rates against some wireless devices
  • **Improved** The legend below “Set WLAN Channels” on the WLAN>Radio channel page is now with a single line width (Page: WLAN/Radio Channel)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** The automatic channel selection when checking usage priority in a 5 GHz wireless network has been improved
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Repeat channel selection by auto channel function when target channel is blocked by radar
  • **Improved** Overlay with info text in “Using current radio channel” graphic now also with active VHT160 mode
  • **Improvement** Display of tri-band connections on the “Overview” page
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Improved behavior during radar and radio jamming
  • ** Change ** WLAN Radio, Security and Radio Channels pages on the user interface have a new structure
  • ** Change ** New message within the system/events when the maximum number of iterators is exceeded (7590 AX only)


  • **Improved** Home network connections display in the UI Network page responds more quickly to changes
  • ** Improvement ** User interface of newly connected home network devices can be called up faster via the link in the network diagram
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** The changed language and country settings of Mesh Master are automatically converted to the network repeater
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** New information in system events if a network loop is resolved by FRITZ! OS


  • ** NEW ** Call forwarding and call blocking can be applied to callers who are not in the phone book (phone book as whitelist)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Increased interoperability when using encrypted telephony
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** The table view of the set up call transfers has been revised
  • **Improved** Image support for online phonebooks from Apple, Telekom and CardDAV providers
  • **Improved** Encrypted telephony is more robust against loss of connection
  • **Improvement** When listening to messages on the internal answering machine, the name or location of the caller is given (requires a MyFRITZ account! and phone book entry)
  • **Improved** Groups support for online phonebooks from Apple provider
  • ** Improvement ** Improvements when integrating a phone book into the network
  • ** Improvement ** Added call forwarding option at call stage (partial forwarding) (eg for SIP lines and “other provider”)
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Convert online phone books from, and 1 & 1 to CardDAV

DECT / Fritz!

  • ** New ** Caller announcement for calls, alarm and appointments
  • ** NEW ** Appointment calendar in FRITZ! Fon
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Convenient control over compatible GAP or CAT-iq 2.x DECT headphones
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Speed ​​dial for number keys 2-9 can be set up directly on FRITZ! Fon by pressing and holding the number
  • **Improved** Higher/perfect resolution of images from Google’s online phonebook
  • **Improvement** When listening to messages on the internal answering machine, the name or location of the caller is given (requires a MyFRITZ account! and phone book entry)
  • **Improved** Groups support for online phonebooks from Apple provider
  • ** CHANGE ** No reference to FRITZ! Fon for missed calls more than 28 days ago

a program

  • ** NEW ** Prioritization of home network devices can be activated in the MyFRITZ app!

home network:

  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** FRITZ! Powerline devices can be restarted in the device details of the FRITZ! Box under Home Network > Network or Register with the button
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** More flexibility when setting the names of your devices in the home network to display in the user interface
  • **Improved** Highlight your network device in UI overviews
  • **Improved** The Network Overview view has been expanded to include LLDP switches

smart home:

  • ** NEW ** Create and activate/deactivate actions (if-then link).
  • ** NEW ** Extended model for radiator control units with comfort and low temperature plus anti-frost and boost functions
  • ** NEW ** Additional display setting with record of temperature and humidity on FRITZ! DECT 440
  • ** NEW ** Create and apply scenarios
  • **NEW** Natural light sequences for combos and templates using FRITZ! DECT 500
  • ** NEW ** Extension templates with convenience functions (toggle WLAN access, toggle WLAN guest access, turn on a phone call, toggle the answering machine, send push mail, call URL)
  • ** NEW ** Support for external window sensors to detect open windows
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** The “Adaptive heating start” function of the radiator control can be deactivated (Requirement: Firmware 5.00 for FRITZ! DECT 301)
  • ** Improvement ** Astronomical timer
  • ** Change ** “Smart Home” menu divided into “Devices and Groups”, “Automation” and “Play”


  • **Improvement** When logging into the user interface, user interaction has been revised
  • ** Optimization ** During the initial setup, the user interface gives an overview of the status and progress
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** The “Forgot Password” email service has been expanded to include information about the device on which this email was requested
  • ** Change ** The operating concept of the UI has been changed when changing settings
  • ** Change ** Copyright notice has been updated in the legal notice
  • ** Change ** Delete the “View: Advanced” or “View: Standard” button. Advanced settings are now permanently available
  • **Change** FRITZ UI Layout Review! Box
  • **Change** The “Help and Info” at the end of the menu area summarizes useful information about FRITZ! Box
  • **Change** Hyperlinks to content, guide, tips and tricks, newsletter, and legal information are now in the “Help and Information” menu area


  • ** NEW ** Support for exFAT formatted storage media
  • ** IMPROVEMENT ** Under Home Network Sharing, a list of FRITZ! Box who have NAS rights
  • **Improved** With “Update Index” the entire media data was read again
  • **Change** When uploading files to fritz.nas, the creation date of the respective file is now displayed
  • **Change** MagentaCloud has been removed as an online media source because the API is no longer compatible

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