Giro d’Italia live in the bar – Alberto Dainese guarantees the first Italian victory: this is how the eleventh stage passed

The stage was specially designed for runners: on a flat 203 kilometers from Santarcangelo di Romagna to the finish in Reggio Emilia, there was little chance of breaking up. De Bondt also had to experience this.

The 30-year-old kept the field in check for a long time and also benefited from the momentary tailwind. With four kilometers to go, there was still 14 seconds between the Belgian and the peloton.

In the end, Dainese took victory in the final race, also ensuring Italy’s first win in this edition of the Giro d’Italia. He was followed by Fernando Gaviria Rendón (UAE Team Emirates) and Simon Consone (Cofidis). Phil Bauhaus ranked ninth as the best German player.

Giro d’Italia

Giro 2022: a snapshot of all 21 stages with elevation profiles

11/11/2021 at 13:33

Spain’s Juan Pedro Lopez of Team Trek remains in the pink jersey. Emmanuel Buchmann held ninth overall, while his Bora teammate Jay Hindley finished fifth.

The eleventh stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022 can be read here:

See you soon

With that I say goodbye to this day. Tomorrow we continue the twelfth stage. This section leads from Parma to Genoa and is also the longest stage of the tour (204 kilometers). Be there again then!

Giro live tape: rating

Juan Pedro Lopez (TFS) will spend another day in pink. Lopez also leads the junior rating. Meanwhile, Demir expands his leadership in the classification of the enemy. The mountain jersey remains with Diego Rosa (EOK).

4:50 pm – Final sprint: Alberto Dainez wins Stage 11

Shortly before the end, de Bondt lost his lead and had to give way to his rivals. In the end, Alberto Dainisi came out on top and took Italy’s first win in this Italian race.

Jiro live bar: the last kilometers

We still have four kilometers and De Bond has 14 seconds left. Of course, sprinter teams are able to quickly fill this gap. But with the tailwind in the last five kilometres, you shouldn’t underestimate de Bondt either.

4:35 pm – 12km to go: De Bundt simplifies his lead

Now De Bondt can increase his lead to 30 seconds. The Belgian persistently defends himself against his rivals. The calm before the storm continues to dominate the field.

Giro live tape: The field is catching up

De Bondt is only 17 seconds ahead and travels 25 kilometres. His escape won’t last much longer. Tobias Bayer (Alpecin) and Davide Cimolai (Cofidis) were both involved in the falls while crossing the city. They both have to switch machines, but he can continue.

Things are slowly getting tense in this area. Several teams are trying to put themselves first.

4:00pm – 38km to go: Field stays on alert

With an average of 46 km/h, drivers are fast on the road. In the last 15 kilometers, they must pick up a gear again. The target will likely be reached shortly before 5:00 PM. The soloist advances in only 35 seconds, you won’t let him go, a stage win is very desirable.

The eleventh stage of the tape: the soloist settles down

Dries De Bondt (Alpecin) has become very slow. The former Belgian champion stands out as a soloist from the field. There he is allowed to do something for now. De Bondt quickly extended his advance by a minute. There is still 52 kilometers to go. There is still no organized tracking work in the field.

3:30pm – 70km to go: short break

The race was quieter again. At six kilometres, there is another slight change in direction that drivers can take advantage of. Drivers take the opportunity to eat again. The mood in the peloton is currently rather calm.

Jiro in Live Stream: Second Intermediate Race

The extra seconds for the general standings now attract the Ineos team: two assistants prepare the ground for Richard Carapaz, he clears the three seconds and is now second in the general standings, at the same time with Joao Almeida, trailing Juan Pedro by twelve seconds. Pink jersey lopez.

Jiro’s live bar, stage 11: New Tension

Quick-Step is now trying to open an edge. But they couldn’t expand the domain in this place yet. The pace is still very high, and it could start again at any moment.

Stage 11 in the tape: Wind alert in the field!

The wind is currently coming in from the right rear at a new speed of 29 km/h and is pushing the field hard. At the end of the field, the first drivers lose contact. Among them is Caleb Ewan.

But to create a larger wind edge, the angle of the falling wind is still very sharp. That could change soon, as the path then makes a slight change in direction toward the northwest and then the wind comes in from the right side.

Giro d’Italia live video: Outliers are set

Luca Rasstelli (Pardiani) and Filippo Tagliani (UAV Hopper) have stepped in – the teams on the field are putting in a lot of pressure now, everyone wants to be up front, and the pace is very high. Trek, Bahrain, Ineos, Movistar, Alpsin, Cofidis and also Bora Hansgrohe is all the way up.

Jiro in the live video: Field shows

The field continues to catch up, and the gap is no longer a single minute. The potential danger of wind edges coming past town makes all teams nervous, and no one wants to be surprised when you leave the track.

2:30 PM – 115KM Departure: It’s time for refreshments

It passes through the assistance area at an interval of 3:37 minutes. Bosses Luca Rastelli (Pardiani) and Filippo Tagliani (UAV Hopper) are back at speed once again while the shirt pockets are still full on the field. Peloton now leads the Lotto Soudal team, which supports Caleb Ewan today.

Eleventh stage of the giro in the tape: Cavendish performances

The average sprint goes to Filippo Tagliani – after a short start he is ahead of Luca Rastelli. Arnaud Dimare, Mark Cavendish and Giacomo Nizzolo rush off the field to third – it’s going to be pretty close! The British win ahead of the Italians and the French.

The live video of Giro d’Italia: The Medium Enemy Approaches

It passes by Imola and the first sprint of the day is slowly approaching: fugitives can reward themselves with points and rewards – and there will certainly be fast races off the field in the fight for Maglia cyclamino in this Giro d’Italia.

Jiro in the tape: There is no danger to the contestants

The Giro is now halfway across its kilometers – but today without much excitement. Expected to be a quiet day.
There’s no danger in any particular classification – Juan Pedro Lopez can roll in the pink jersey, Diego Rosa’s mountain jersey can’t swing today, and Arno Demari is also safe in the points classification after leaving Beniam Girmay.

They went out to Girmay in the Giro d’Italia: triumph and tragedy

1:30 pm – 155 kilometers to cut the road: the distance is stable

The difference is now settled at 4:30, so the Italo duo have little chance of a reversal today. In the peloton, Cofidis, Movistar and Groupama-FDJ are in the foreground, but there is still a relaxed conversation. By the way, there are no mountain classifications today, only the obligatory medium sprints.

Giro 11th Live Broadcast Indicator: Outliers on Top

Captains Luca Rastelli (Pardiani) and Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper) now lead the field by about two minutes. They have a long day…

The pink jersey can roll on the field in a relaxed manner, as the two fugitives are more than two hours behind in the overall standings.

Giro live tape: The beginning of the eleventh stage

Welcome to stage 11 – the field begins to roll in Santarcangelo di Romagna. It starts off relaxed and neutral, the weather is sunny and nice, the conditions are best so far, 166 drivers are still in the race.

The start was cleared and the first attacks started immediately, and the duo pulled away. The scope allows them to do their work, no one wants to throw themselves into such a project at this sprint stage. The Italian wildcard teams alone have few options…

Giro Route: Track and Profile for Stage 11 – A Day for Runners

Welcome to Giro’s eleventh stage!

203 kilometers between Santarcangelo di Romagna and Reggio Emilia is completely flat. There are only 480 vertical meters total to complete. The first sprint race will take place after 76 kilometers in Toscanella di Dosa. The second enemy classification awaits after 126 kilometers in San Giovanni in Persecito. In the last kilometer in Reggio Emilia, the house bends twice to the left. It is likely that these changes of direction will be completed without brakes.

After yesterday’s high stage, pure runners will once again have the opportunity this time. For drivers like Arnaud Démare (GFC), Mark Cavendish (QST) or Fernando Gaviria (UAD), there aren’t many opportunities left in this round. That’s why the pressure is mounting to be able to score success at another stage.

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Giro d’Italia

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Giro d’Italia

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